Supporting Our Distance Learners

Every student can benefit from some occasional extra support while studying for their degree. Arden offers several services to support Distance Learning students, no matter where they study.

Arden University Distance Learning student

As a Distance Learning student, it’s likely that you juggle not only a degree course, but all the responsibilities of your personal life and career, as well. Learning doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and you aren’t alone during your study journey.

Here are the top resources and services available to support you along your journey with Arden.

Social Network(ing)

If you want to talk about a module with a classmate or build closer relationships with your Arden peers, you should consider becoming more active on our social media pages.

Moving your conversation outside of the learning platform is a bit like moving from the classroom to a more casual setting. You might be more comfortable striking up a conversation on social media than on an online learning platform, and these settings allow you the freedom to talk about more than just your assignments. 

Take Facebook for example. Some Facebook groups already exist for the sole purpose of connecting Arden Distance Learning students in their shared study experience. Once you’re accepted into the group, you can post questions, conversation starters, or even find students who live nearby and want to form a study group.

Once you graduate from Arden, be sure to join our Alumni Association LinkedIn page, too. In joining this closed group, you can ‘meet’ professionals across the globe who are passionate about your area of study. Who knows? Your future business partner could have also studied with Arden and might already be networking in the group.

Arden at your service

As soon as you enrol on your Distance Learning course, Arden is there to support you on every step of your journey towards graduation. Over 80 tutors and support staff are at your service to assist during your studies. Tutors are your first point of contact if you need clarification on an assignment, or if you have questions about your programme. You can also connect with tutors via forum discussions, and glean more insight by watching our regular, tutor-hosted webinars throughout the year. 

For study-related questions that aren’t specifically about the information covered in your course materials, you can turn to our Student Support Team for guidance. The Student Support Team advises you on matters like course requirements and assignment submissions, and even personal matters that might be affecting your studies.

Another brick in the wall

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes you need specialised help to get through a difficult period. Big White Wall is one such online community where you can find 24-hour support in a judgement-free space. As an Arden student, you can access this service and receive professional support and helpful information to assist you through any personal or study-related issues you are facing. Users benefit from the therapeutic nature of anonymous peer support within the community, while also gaining helpful insights from trained practitioners. 

Big White Wall is designed to provide support for users facing hurdles during their studies, such as stress, depression, relationship problems, or other mental health and wellbeing issues. The clinically managed community offers self-guided group and individual courses that cover mental health topics. Arden students can also access a virtual library of useful resources that will help you stay focused and successful in your studies in the long run. 

The journey to earning your degree is rewarding, but not without its challenges. If you ever find yourself struggling to understand your course material, or if you are facing personal issues that are interfering with your studies, remember - you are not alone. Please feel free to reach out to a member of the Arden team whenever you need to.