New Quizzes & Tools

Whether you’re looking for a career change or applying to universities, it’s easy to be confused over such big decisions. So, we have designed these fun & free quizzes and tools to help you discover the courses that could suit your personality and the career areas that you might be best suited to.

Go on! It takes less than 5 minutes and you could surprise yourself!

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What's your perfect career quiz?

Take Arden's career quiz now to find out which type of career you're suited to, and the degree you'll need to help you get there! 

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Which blended learning degree is right for you?

Uncover parts of your personality to reveal which of our blended learning degrees could be the perfect fit for you and your career goals. 

A cellphone plugged into a laptop

What type of learner are you?

Ever wondered why you remember things better by demonstration? Or do you prefer the hands-on approach to learning? Discover your best learning style and get tips on how to maximise it with our quick tool.

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Find the right degree for you

Picking the right course can be a little bit daunting. Try our course matchmaker today and discover which degree might be your perfect fit. Subjects include Law, Criminology, Social Sciences, HRM and Psychology.

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How eligible are you?

Find out which courses you could be eligible to study. It takes just 2 minutes and the results could surprise you.