9 Reasons to Study in Berlin

Considering studying abroad? Here are nine reasons why Berlin could be the best choice for you.


Image of Berlin

Germany has been at the top of its game for a while now, be it on the economic front or the standard of education it offers. According to World GDP Ranking 2019, it has the fourth highest nominal GDP, as well as being ranked the fourth best country for education by US News in 2019.

Berlin, Germany’s capital city, has been one of the main driving forces behind the country’s growth. Known for its high-quality education and low living costs, the city is a popular study destination. This multicultural city boasts an ever-expanding student population and is ranked as the seventh best student city.

Here are nine reasons why Berlin is a popular choice for students who want to study abroad:

1. Education in an international setting

Berlin is the main German city offering global exposure to students offering high-quality education in a global setting and help you acquire skills needed for an international career.

2. Financing options

Educational institutions in Berlin have various scholarship opportunities on offer, as well as different financing options to help you safely secure a place at your preferred college or university. Financing options include:

  • Tuition fee loan: If you’re unable to pay tuition fees upfront, you can apply for a tuition fee loan.
  • Employer scholarship: If you’ve decided to pursue higher education having spent a considerable amount of time working, you can seek an employer scholarship. 
  • Private financing institutions: More and more universities are starting to work with private financing institutions to help their students cope with their loans.

Arden University Berlin additionally offer payment options and early bird discount of up to 20% to help students finance their studies. 

3. Part-time opportunities

Universities in Berlin encourage you to finance your own education by offering part-time job opportunities. This will help you gain useful experience, as well as earn money. According to university norms followed by most colleges in Germany, students can work up to 20 hours a week during term-time and can take up full-time employment in the holidays. The minimum wage in Germany is €9.19 per hour.

4. Germany’s start-up hub

A hub for start-ups, Berlin is referred to as the new-age “Silicon Valley”. With plenty of opportunities on offer thanks to all the technologically and entrepreneurially-driven start-ups based in Berlin, it’s the perfect place to study and work. 

5. Culturally magnificent

Home to over 150 museums, three operas houses and 50 theatres, Berlin’s vibrant cultural scene has attracted art enthusiasts and students alike. You will struggle to get bored with the endless exhibitions, shows, events and galleries available here. 

6. Affordable living

Berlin is by far one of the most affordable cities to study in Western Europe, as well as being cheaper than other German cities. Berlin is 8.5% cheaper than Hamburg in terms of rent and the cost of living in Berlin is 35% cheaper than London.

7. Green city

Berlin boasts over 2,500 parks, making it one of the greenest cities in Europe. In fact, it aims to be named “the” greenest city in the world by 2020.

8. Rich history

Given that Berlin was at the epicentre of many historical events, this city is ideal for students who like anything historical. From the Berlin Wall to the poignant Holocaust Memorial, there are many ways to explore German history. 

9. Explore Europe

If you plan to study abroad in Germany, you will need a student visa and study permit. With these, you’ll then be able to explore most of Europe without applying for separate visas. 

Berlin has consistently proven itself to be the perfect place to study abroad. If you are planning to take up a course in Berlin, Arden University is the place for you. 

Arden University Berlin offer a wide range of professional courses mixing face-to-face teaching with online learning. Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are available at our centrally-located study centre in Berlin.