The Busy Life of our London Law Students!

Arden University's LLB (Hons) QLD students have been keeping very busy! Recently, students took part in a Legal Walk and also participated in an educational excursion to the Old Bailey and other legal sites across London.

The 10km London Legal Walk was held on 22nd May 2017. Students raised funds for The London Legal Support Trust, a charity that works to support law centres and legal advice agencies in London and the South East by providing them with grant funding alongside other forms of support so that justice is equally available to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. Here are some photos from the walk! Thank you to everyone who donated and took part.

4 photos of Arden students and staff at a charity walk

First Arden Class Excursion

Our Blended Learning students attended a class excursion in London to experience real life criminal legal settings on 24th May 2017.

Students registered for the LLB class at Tower Hill were invited to attend a trip during their last week of the semester. They planned to go to the Old Bailey, the central court in England and Wales. It has heard some of the most notorious trials in British criminal history, with Court Two remaining a high-security court. As the students arrived at Old Bailey, they unfortunately discovered that they could not go inside for a tour or to see a trial take place as the national security threat level had recently been increased to critical.

Arden students and staff in front of the central criminal court

Above: Arden University's Law Students on the steps of the Old Bailey

Despite this small setback, the event organiser and academic Sarah Fox continued the excursion, taking the students to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.The Supreme Court plays an important role in interpreting and developing the law and hears both civil and criminal cases. The Supreme Court is the only court in the UK where proceedings are filmed and available to watch (live) online. During their visit, they sat in on a case in relation to the Companies Law (2013 Revisions) s.37.

Arden students and staff inside the supreme court

Above: Academic and organiser of the excursion, Sarah Fox, with her BL Law students inside the Supreme Court

Afterwards, they paid a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice. The students were able to experience the summing up of a criminal case relating to an appeal regarding the sentencing for a manslaughter case. This fitted in well with the topics studied on the LLB (Hons) QLD course, giving the students a valuable experience and appreciation for the real world legal setting. Finally, the group finished their excursion at the Inns of Court. 

This valuable experience and opportunity offered to our blended learning students has shown us how Arden University can combine the beneficial location of our study centres, such as Tower Hill, with our career-focused, flexible degrees that can be applied to real life scenarios. 

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