A Conversation with an Arden Healthcare Student

Healthcare Management student, Yusuf, tells us why he opted for blended learning and shares what a typical week looks like while he studies with Arden.


Studying Healthcare Management with Arden equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to work towards a managerial role in the industry.
We caught up with healthcare student, Yusuf Yusuf - who joined us through our Refer a Friend scheme – to find out more about life at Arden.

Question: Why did you choose to study at Arden?

Answer: I chose to study at Arden because it’s close to me, it’s close to where I live, and it allows me work and study at the same time and be flexible.

Q: What made you choose a blended learning course?

A: I chose it because it gives me different options – sometimes I study in the class, sometimes I study online, and that allows me to get on with my day to day life.

Q: Why did you choose to study at Ealing?

A: It’s a 30-minute bus ride away from my house!

Q: What are your ambitions and hopes for the future?

A: Probably in 5 years’ time to be in a management position to do with healthcare.

Photo of Arden student surrounded by an Arden University logo border

Q: How do you think Arden is going to help you achieve that?

A: By pushing me and allowing me to be the best I can be.

Q: Can you tell us about how you found out about Arden?

A: I found out about Arden through a friend who referred me. We went to the same high school together, and then she was like, “Arden is a great place to study”. Then I came to see what they had to offer, and it was the perfect course for me. 

Q: Did it help you, coming to uni, knowing that a friend was going to be there?

A: Yeah, it definitely helped me, knowing that someone was going to be there that I knew. It helped me interact with at least one person in my class!

Q: How do you find the level of support you receive?

A: There’s definitely a lot of support from, like, student support, teachers, everything… They help you with whatever you need to be helped with. So, if you do an assignment and you want someone to have a look at it, they’ll definitely look at it with you. 

Q: Does Arden being more affordable than other unis take the pressure off studying?

A: Definitely! Because if you were to go to another uni, you’d probably end up with at least £58,000 debt! Here, it’s a bit less, because it costs about £6000 a year, if I’m correct, which means less debt for you!
[note: our current Blended Learning fees are £7,750 - Yusuf joined before the rise in fees.]

Q: How does being able to do some work in class and some online make your life easier?

A: It definitely makes my life easier, because I can make money and study at the same time. A lot of people who come and do this course, they have families to look after, children, and they need to be there for them. 
So, I think this course provides a win-win basically, because it gives people a way to look after their kids and earn money at the same time, which is definitely good for me. 

Q: What does a typical week look like for you? 
A: So, I work on a Monday, work on a Tuesday, then come here on a Wednesday. Then I work on a Thursday, come here on Friday, and then work Saturday and Sunday! 

Q: Wow. How are you finding the balance, are you getting a balance? 

A: It’s alright - you have to get used to it. I normally do night shifts, so waking up in the morning is a bit difficult, but you just have to do what you have to do sometimes. So yeah. But it’s a lot easier! If I was to go to a normal uni, I might have to get up early in the morning, 5 days a week, 4 days a week, maybe, but 2 days a week is definitely alright!

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