5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Student Should Make

Here are five New Year's resolutions every student should make if they're hoping to have a successful 12 months.

New Year’s resolutions are rarely easy to keep; we often start the year feeling super motivated and set our expectations really high, before falling at the first hurdle or, at best, keeping these promises to ourselves for just a month or two.

But while resolutions can be a waste of time, there are some that are more than worth making – and sticking to. Here are five resolutions every student should make in the New Year.

Laptop and smartphone

1. Cut down on social media

Procrastination: the devil who stands between you and your deadlines! 

Social media is a common distraction for us all – it’s available at the touch of a finger and a simple thought like ‘I’ll just check my messages’ can quickly transcend into half-an-hour or more spent scrolling aimlessly on your Instagram feed. 

If social media is affecting your concentration, download an app that limits your social media usage and try using your phone or tablet for something productive instead.

2. Spare a minute for your mental health

There’s no denying that things can get tough when you’re studying for a degree; you’re juggling your university workload with a social life, perhaps a part-time job and your family as well. Keeping up with all these things that matter to you can be overwhelming, so it’s important to recognise when things are getting too much.

Lots of students struggle with mental health every year, so it’s vital to know your limits, take time for yourself and make yourself aware of the support available to you.

3. Get to grips with money

Students are notoriously bad at handling their money, and if that’s something that resonates with you, it’s probably time to do something about it, particularly if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur with plans to start your own business once you graduate. 

If the mere thought of sensible spending habits has you scratching your head, our tips for getting your finances on track could prove helpful. 

4. Drink more… water

Drinking water has lots of health benefits, so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Getting the right amount of fluid in your body is thought to boost your mood and concentration, so make sure you take a bottle with you wherever you go and aim for two litres each day.

5. Get some work experience

If your weekly timetable isn’t too hectic and you’re not already employed, try securing some work experience that’s relevant to the industry you want to go into. By demonstrating that you can apply what you’ve learnt at uni to real-life, work situations, you’ll be enhancing your CV and boosting your employability once you graduate.

Alternatively, you could try volunteering – you’d be helping a good cause of your choice and it’s another thing that will help you stand out from the rest when the time comes to apply for full-time work.

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