6 Apps to Help You Achieve Your New Year Goals

A quick run-down of some of the apps and Arden University career portal features to help you increase your productivity in 2020.

Table with a New Years Resolution page, coffee, and a cell phone

If you’re staring into the vastness of 2020 thinking “help, there’s so much to do”, don’t worry, we’ve got you. In times like this it’s tempting to turn to technology for answers - and you'd be right to. After all, we know our phones, laptops and tablets have the power to simplify modern life - but if we’re totally honest, they can sometimes get in the way of productivity too… 

So, we’ve got 6 app and career portal recommendations to help you be more productive this year.

We’ve even got a top recommendation for an app which gives you the ultimate technology detox, so no more getting stuck in an Instagram scroll that lasts all night! 

1. Taskful

If you love a to-do list, Taskful is the app you never knew you needed. Rather than a simple finished/not finished tick box, the app lets you set up tasks with a series of check-marks – a much more accurate reflection of real life. 

Minimal and uncluttered, the app’s design reflects your own life goals and doesn’t take forever to work out and master.

Freemium version - Android & iOS

Score: 9/10 (the app lost a point because we had some difficulty registering, but this was quickly resolved!)

2. Trello

Trello lets you break down all your tasks or projects into easy-to-manage boards. Everything is done by dragging and dropping, so it’s simple and satisfying! 
Laying out your tasks in front of you helps you visualise what you need to start, what’s in progress and what you’ve completed. You can also add people to your boards and assign tasks to them.

You can include due dates, checklists, and upload attachments to each task – so it’s perfect for group work at uni. 

Freemium version - Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows

Score: 10/10

3. OneDrive

Add the OneDrive app to your phone or tablet and you’ll always have your documents with you – and it’s free! Not only that, it means you can edit and send off your uni work on the move. No more having to rush home to sit at the computer to make those last-minute edits. 

You’ll also be able to access your documents offline. If, say, your commute involves getting the tube, this is super useful - as you can use those spare hours to read or work on your assignments without the need for WiFi. 

Free - Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows 

Score: 10/10

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4. Online Banking Apps

OK, we know this might not be what you expected, but if you haven’t downloaded your bank’s online banking app yet, it’s worth considering. Think of all the time you’ll save if you don’t have to get the bus into town or drive round and round trying to find a parking space, just so you can check your balance, or make a payment. 

We totally understand if you have security concerns and maybe it’s not the right choice for you, but did you know that most banking apps don’t store your details on your phone? They’re held in a secure data centre, and what’s more, if anything were to happen with your money, your bank should be refunding you. 

Check out this article to learn more about online banking safety: https://www.money.co.uk/current-accounts/is-bankin...

Free - Android, iOS

Score: 9/10 (scores will depend on your bank's app, but we use HSBC and NatWest and they're both really useful)

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5. App-blockers: Moment

We’ve found loads of different apps which aim to limit distractions on your phone or computer, but our favourite (because you can use it for free) is Moment.

The app measures how much time you spend on your phone and coaches you to change the way you use it. By setting you goals, the app encourages you to put down your phone and be more mindful about how often and what you’re using it for. 

You’ll be amazed by how regularly you pick up or unlock your phone each day, and equally impressed by the time you’ll save when you cut down! 

Free - Android, iOS

Score: 10/10

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6. Arden's Careers Portal

Apologies, this one’s just for the Arden students among our readers - but if that’s not you, why not check out our courses and make an enquiry? Then you’ll be able to access our fantastic careers portal too!

One of the best time-saving tools on offer is our CV builder. Rather than agonising over what goes where and wasting hours, if you work through the process online, you’ll be supported step-by-step with everything you need to create that interview-securing CV! Head to the Careers Portal now to see the full range of tools on offer. 

Have we made you feel better about your productivity levels in 2019? There are loads of apps out there which prove that some technology is definitely on our side! And if things start to get too much, remember that a little technology detox can work wonders for you too.