A-Level Results Day Advice from Students Who've Been There

If you're feeling the results day butterflies in your stomach, here are some words of encouragement from Arden University students who've been through it and come out the other side!


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So it's time to open that envelope...

We know all too well that A-level results day can be one of the most stomach-churning days of your life so far, and if this year it’s your turn to collect your results, we thought some advice from students who’ve been there, done it, and learnt some BIG lessons along the way might be useful!

We reached out to current Arden University students and asked them how they felt about collecting their A-level results and how they have affected their education and careers since. We were blown away by how many people's day didn't exactly go to plan, and how they came back from disappointment to go on to achieve both significant educational and professional success...

“When taking my A-levels I wanted to go to university to become a veterinary nurse. Things didn't go to plan when they should have, but nearly 10 years later I have four Level 3 NVQs, a Level 3 in Management, I'm currently completing a BA (Hons) in Marketing and I have a career I love!

Right now, things may seem out of reach, but keep going! Things may completely turn around, and what you thought you wanted to do might not be what you REALLY want to do!"

– Rose-Elizabeth Smith, BA (Hons) Business (Marketing)

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"Your career isn’t based on your A-level results, what is important is that you put the effort into doing something you enjoy, which may well require a degree. 

Arden University offers you the opportunity to advance your knowledge and understanding of a chosen subject, which can enable you to choose whichever career you desire.”

– Michael Brindley, BA (Hons) Business (Finance) 

"I was always apprehensive about my A-level results. I genuinely felt like if I didn't get what I hoped for, it would keep me from achieving my dreams. Through my opportunity to study with Arden Uni, I know this is definitely not the case. 

Some journeys in life do not go to plan: there is no specific time in which you need to do things and your motivation, determination and passion for success is what matters. You are worth more than a grade and the only failure in life is not trying your best, not believing in the unexpected journey and losing sight of your destination.''

– Patsy Fryer, BA (Hons) Healthcare Management

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Despite suffering an educational set-back early on, Yemisi decided to rethink and adjust her career plans. Then she came back even stronger! She says:

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“I took up another profession that was entirely different from my area of study. This profession did not necessarily require a degree to practice if starting at the lowest level. So, I started at the lowest level as a project coordinator and did fantastically well. 

My employer sent me on professional training and I got promoted. Getting a better job became a breeze, and at a senior level too. I continued to develop myself professionally and also enrolled in a Master’s degree in Project Management at Arden. 

Now I'm a project management consultant with a start-up firm and have clients in the banking industry. My advice is to never give up. One might start out in one career but excel in another. Always leave your options open.” 

- Yemisi Otasanya, MSc Project Management

Feeling inspired?

We hope your results day brings you all the success you deserve - you've got this! And if any of your results or university choices don't go exactly to plan, hopefully our students have shown that even when life takes an unexpected turn, there are always alternative options out there, which could work out even better for you. 

If on results day you find yourself in Clearing, it's easy to feel disheartened and most likely a bit confused! There is loads of advice out there on the Clearing process and how best to navigate it - our Guide to Clearing 2019 will take you through the process step-by-step. 

Try to think of Clearing as your chance to reassess your options; give yourself time to really think through what you can see yourself doing as a career and research online how best to achieve this. 

For more information on how to apply to Arden University through Clearing, click the button below: