Your Degree, Your Way FAQs

This page our opportunity to update you on our next steps, following on from recent changes to study, through COVID-19. We want to reassure you that we are doing everything that is necessary to ensure a smooth and safe transition, back to pre-COVID study methods, for any of our current students and also those of you who are thinking of beginning study with us over the coming weeks and months.

We have included a video on Returning to Study Centres, and answered some of your questions below:


1. When will the Study Centre re-open?

Staff will be returning to Centres from 3rd August to prepare for students to attend from September.  Inductions will take place in the week commencing 7th September with scheduled teaching commencing from 14th September. You are welcome to come in before September, but we ask that you make an appointment in advance with your Student Support Officer. 

2. What measures have you implemented on campus to keep us safe?

The safety of our staff and students is of paramount importance to us.  We have had a COVID-19 Risk Assessment conducted by an external Health & Safety Consultant to advise on the measures to be implemented within each of our centres to keep both staff and students safe. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Clear signage around social distancing in place across the centre and in the communal areas 
  • One-way systems introduced where required 
  • Sanitisation stations have been installed in key areas, including within each classroom
  • Face coverings will be required when moving around the centre but not within the classroom 
  • All classes will adhere to social distancing guidelines with limits placed on the number of students permitted to attend classes at any one time 
  • You will be required to read and sign a declaration (only once) to confirm you understand your responsibilities when in your centre
  • Corridor doors will be held open and will automatically release in the event of a fire alarm activation 
  • Touch points and heavily utilised areas will be prioritised for cleaning throughout the day as part of our additional cleaning regime

Our plans will be continuously monitored in line with advice from the UK Government, Public Health England and the Health & Safety Executive.

3. When I come in for the first time, what can I expect?

You MUST bring your Arden Student ID Card with you.  If you are a new student, starting in September, this will be available for collection when you attend a class or posted to you if studying online. 

All students are required to register at Reception or a designated point on arrival.  It will be mandatory for all attendees to have their temperature taken prior to entering any room on site.  You will be provided with a Health & Safety Welfare declaration which you will be required to read and sign. A copy of this form will be kept electronically for our records. You will only be required to sign this declaration once in the semester.  You will be provided with a self-adhesive badge which must be displayed on your person showing others that you have been through safe entry process.

4. Where do I need to wear a face covering in the centre?

We recommend wearing a face covering only in communal areas and corridors when moving through the centre and using the breakout space and restrooms or where you cannot safely stay 1 metre plus away from others. You are not required to wear a face covering in class unless you choose to do so.

5. Will you be providing face coverings to students?

Students are expected to bring a suitable face covering with them to centre.  We do hold stock for the rare instances where a student has forgotten to bring one with them.

6. What should my temperature be in order to be allowed entry to the campus?

Your temperature should be below 37.4 degrees C.  If above this, you will be asked to wait for 15 mins before having your temperature taken again. If it is still above 37.4 you will be advised to return home.

7. Will I be expected to attend all my classes in the centre from September?

The choice is yours.  As we are observing social distancing measures, places within each class have been limited to an approved safe number.   Students wishing to attend face to face, will be able to book a seat in their class via our online booking system.  Bookings will be on a first come first saved basis and further details will be sent to you soon.  Please check your emails regularly for details.  All dates/times will be available to pre-book.  We recommend you only book 1 week at a time to ensure you are confident of your ability to utilise the seat you have booked.  You will be able to view the remaining number of places available in each class when booking.  We do ask that, if you have booked a seat in a class and are not able to attend that you cancel your seat to free this up for someone else in advance of the class taking place.  

Those who prefer to continue to study from home or are unable to attend face to face will join the live face to face classes online.  You will remain in your own group whether studying face to face or online.  Links to the classes will be displayed on your iLearn module page.

8. Will my timetable be changed from September?

Your timetable may change if you are progressing onto a new academic year.  If not, your timetable will remain as it is currently. 

9. What should I do if I cannot attend face to face and prefer not to study live online?

Please contact your dedicated Student Support Officer who will discuss all available options with you.  

10. I am a new student starting in September, will I be required to attend my compulsory induction in the centre?

The choice is yours.  You can register to attend on face to face or online.  

11. I would like to arrange a face to face appointment with my Academic Skills Tutor or Student Support Officer, is this possible?

Absolutely from 7th September onwards.   Please email your academic skills tutor directly or book online via the Study Skills area within iLearn.  Please specify in the notes area that you prefer a face to face appointment.  For appointments with Student Support, please contact them directly to make an appointment.

12. I would like to attend the centre to self-study, is this possible?

Yes of course.  Please be aware there are limited numbers of computers available on site for self-study.  Please speak to Reception or Student Support on arrival to check availability. 

13. I am due to graduate this Summer, where and when will my graduation ceremony be held?

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, our graduation ceremonies have been suspended for the remainder of 2020.  All students eligible to attend graduation will be sent further information as and when this is available. 

14. Will I be eligible to receive my Student Maintenance Grant if I choose to study online?

At the moment yes.  If the situation changes in the near future, we will contact you with details. 

Please see below for information direct from SLC: