Teachers, advisers & parents webinar - 17 June 2020

A webinar aimed at giving teachers, advisers and parents more information on a modern university who offer non-traditional and digital-first Higher Education.

Some young people want the traditional university experience of moving away from home, yet not all do. For some, a more flexible & supportive university experience is desired – and as specialists in both Distance & Blended learning degrees, this is where Arden University comes in. Join us for an informative webinar on Wednesday 17th June at 14:00-14:45.

This webinar is aimed at giving Teachers, Advisers and Parents more information on a modern university who offer non-traditional & digital-first Higher Education, to pass on to young people through IAG. Delivered by Amy, one of our Outreach & Recruitment Officers, come along to find out and ask questions about:

  • How our Distance & Blended degrees work 
  • Our degree subjects
  • Entry requirements
  • Applying
  • Fees
  • Student support

There are significant shifts taking place in Higher Education within the context of this global pandemic. The focus on online teaching has suddenly come to the forefront; and as this is our focus, we want everyone to know about Arden University and what we do. It’s more important than ever that young people are aware of the different options out there, so they can make informed decisions about their future, and find the best opportunity for them.