Online Learning: How Will I Be Assessed?

How will I be assessed?

Don't think of this as the 'daunting bit', more the bit that allows you to put everything you've learned and all the skills you've developed into practice.

How does online learning assessment work?

Here, at Arden, we do things a little differently. When you take a course that's 100% online, all aspects of it are 100% online - including the assessments.

Our online learning assessments can be completed anywhere. So, you don't have the stress of how you're going to get to a study centre, or, for parents, who's going to watch the children while you sit your exams.

All your module information and assessments can be found in iLearn. So, wherever you are, they’ll always be just a few clicks away.

Assessments vary from course to course, and from module to module, but these are some of the types you'll complete:

Whether you're studying at foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate level, either part-time or full-time, you’ll have four study blocks per year.

During each study block, you’ll have the option to study one module at a time, or take two modules together, depending on how you want to pace your studies.

Each of these modules will have a related assessment. In most cases, they’re practice-based - taking the form of a project or assignment that is aligned with the tasks you’ll undertake in your future career.

Depending on your course, you might also work on or produce some of the following:

  • case studies
  • consultancy reports
  • essays
  • literature reviews
  • posters
  • role plays
  • presentations

When you’ve completed your study block, you’re free to take a break or pause your studies before moving on to the next one.

*Please note that the exact timetabling of some courses may differ, please speak to one of our education advisors for more details.

Again, this varies between subjects. However, most of our courses follow the

If you’re taking one of our law or criminology courses, you’ll follow the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) referencing format.

Sitting a psychology course? You’ll follow the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing format.

Unsure of what any of these referencing styles are and how they work? Don’t worry, you can find everything you need to know in our guide.

When you start your course, you’ll also be able to join our Academic Skills Workshops – which include specific sessions around referencing.

We’ll make sure you know everything you need to succeed!

For many of our courses, there are no exams – except if they're absolutely necessary to your future success, such as when required by accreditation bodies (you can find out more on your chosen course page). But where there are exams, they’re always 100% remote.

Here, at Arden, we prefer practice-based assessments that align with the tasks you'll be required to do in the workplace, setting you up with skills you’ll actively use throughout your career.

It depends on your course. On some courses, in your final year, you’ll complete a longer research project around your chosen subject area – consisting of between 9,000 and 12,000 words. However, the final year on other courses will consist of a series of higher credit modules with no dissertation required.

You can find out more by checking our individual course pages. 

What support will I have access to with my assessments?

When it comes to structuring your assignments, you’ll have access to formative feedback. You’ll be able to plot out the structure of your assignment, with a couple of sentences outlining what you’re going to cover in each section. Your module tutor will then provide feedback. You’ll be able to access this up to two weeks prior to your submission deadline.

We’ve devised a series of free workshops, all accessible through ilearn, to help you overcome a variety of challenges. These workshops include:

  • introductions to academic writing
  • reading and note taking
  • advanced literature searching
  • proofreading your assignments before submission
  • identifying a topic for your final research (dissertation) project

We run them regularly throughout the year. Get a better idea of the areas of academic support we provide from our latest Academic Skills Workshops timetable.

You’ll also have access to support from our Academic Skills Tutors. They can help with many of the areas covered in our Academic Skills Workshops – just in a more tailored, one-to-one format.

You can book slots to help you develop your academic writing skills, assignment structuring, referencing and much more, through Ilearn.

Additionally, for more subject or module specific support, you’ll have access to your module tutors – they’re just an email, phone or Zoom call away!

Support for People Returning to Education

Thinking about returning to education after some time away? We’ve got plenty of advice on what you can expect here, at Arden, as a returning learner.

Simply visit our ‘Worried About Returning to Education?’ page to find out more.