Online Learning: Worried About Returning To Education


There are many reasons why you might want to return to education - from a career change to pursuing a lifelong passion for learning. Going back to university can be an exciting yet daunting time. Whatever your reason for returning to education, it’s common to have reservations or worries.

Maybe you’re worried about your current skill set, the time you’ll need to put aside to study, or how much it’ll cost.

At Arden, we understand that returning to education as a mature student can present different challenges to younger students. We believe that everyone should have access to education, no matter their circumstances.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most common fears and worries you might have when starting a university degree course. We’ve also provided some tips and advice to help you move past them and start your education journey.

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The financial aspect of going back to university is a huge consideration. You may be worried about the course fees, the cost of textbooks, or paying for new software.

Costs shouldn’t be a barrier to education. That’s why our online fees are lower than a traditional degree. Most UK students choose to pay for their studies with a student loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC). At the end of your course, you’ll only start paying this loan off when your income rises above the payment threshold, which is currently £27,295 for undergraduate degrees, or £21,000 for postgraduate degrees. Find out more about funding your Arden degree .

Our online learning option means that you won’t have to worry about paying for reading materials, as everything is online and free at Arden Library. Plus, when you enrol, you’ll be given access to Microsoft Office 365, so you’ll have everything you need to complete your assessments.

In later life, you may be concerned or even put off the idea of studying at university level as you might think the work is too difficult or time-consuming. While you may have been out of education for a while, don’t let these fears put you off developing yourself and achieving your goals.

We offer a variety of support services so you can thrive at university. From one-to-one support meetings with your university lecturer to academic skill workshops, we have everything you need to build your confidence and complete your assignments.

Additionally, with our online degrees, you’ll have access to our student forum where you can raise ideas or issues through our online learning platform, ilearn. Plus, our lecturers and academic tutors are only an email, phone or Zoom call away!

For more information on our university assessments, read our page on how you’ll be assessed here.

Life can be relentless. Between your family, career, social life, finances and any other responsibilities you may have, it may seem like you barely have time to catch your breath. And the thought of adding another thing on top might sound daunting.

However, thanks to Arden’s flexible online courses, there’s no reason why you can’t study without it having a negative impact on your life. You can build studying around your responsibilities.

Our courses are made up of modules in 10-week blocks, so you only need to dedicate time to studying during that period.

Need a bit of a breather? No problem, after you’ve completed a module, you can take a break or pause your studies, so you can focus on the other aspects of your life.

Discover more about how you’ll study in our helpful page.



Long gone are the days when employers only value degrees from “Russel Group” universities – those that are long-established and consistently rank highly in university league tables, such as Oxford or Cambridge. Online degrees have continued to improve in quality and now employers view them as the same as an identical qualification that was studied on campus.

If you’re looking at a course that leads to a particular profession, such as accounting or psychology, then you must check that your course has additional accreditation.

Here at Arden, we’re committed to providing you with excellent teaching. That’s why our courses have achieved accreditation and certification from many of the UK’s most recognised and respected professional industry bodies. To view all our accreditations, click here.

Being worried about fitting in is a universal fear that unfortunately doesn’t go away with age. Whether it’s starting a new job or returning to higher education, everyone can worry about whether they’ll make friends or fit in. It’s only natural to feel like this, but you’re certainly not alone.

Doing an online course can alleviate some of the stress of attending a physical university, but it can also make you feel more isolated from your peers. However, at Arden, we’re determined to make everyone feel comfortable, that’s why we have a variety of different ways you can get involved with other students.

From commenting in our forum on ilearn to visiting our innovative, online 'Student Lounge', there is something for everyone. If you’re still struggling, then why not speak to one of our friendly student support team? They’re on hand to support you, whatever your issue, whether that’s academic, financial, or personal.

If you’re not confident with computers, then the thought of an online degree can be scary. But don’t worry, most of our courses only require a basic digital skillset. Anything more advanced, such as using more subject-specific software, will be taught as part of the course.

When you enrol, we’ll provide a digital backpack containing everything you’ll need to complete your assessments, including Microsoft Office 365 and access to the online library. Our student support team and university lecturers are on-hand to help as you start your course. So, if you’re stuck or have a question, just get in touch with one of us and we’ll be happy to help.

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