How to Apply for Student Finance

Before starting your studies, you firstly need to organise how you’ll fund and pay for your degree. We understand that a Student Finance application can be a difficult process - it’s time consuming, extensive, and often overwhelming. Whether you need to apply for a maintenance loan, a government grant or you’re simply just struggling with your student loan application, we have lots of experience with the process so are very happy to help. 

If you’re wondering how to apply for Student Finance, how to open your Student Finance account, or how the student loan application works, read our guide below for all the information you’ll need.

Student Finance applications

Get help from Arden with your Student Finance application

The Student Finance application can be daunting, but following the step-by-step process below will make applying for a maintenance grant and loan simple. And don’t forget, your Arden Student Recruitment Advisor is on hand to help, too!

  1. Register with Student Finance England on:
  2. Set up your Student Finance account by filling in your information and creating a password. Note: you will need your National Insurance number.
  3. Complete your registration, save your customer reference number and send this to your course advisor.
  4. Now it’s time to complete your student loan application! Click on ‘Apply for Student Finance’. 
  5. Select ‘Higher Education’, the academic year in which you wish to start your studies and opt for full-time study.
  6. You will be provided with important information on your student loan, so you must read this carefully!
  7. Select ‘Continue to the course and fees page’.
  8. Now you’ll be asked a few questions. Here are a few pointers: 
    • Where do you plan to study? Arden University
    • What course will you study? Input course title with the relevant study centre name
    • Which year of your course is this application? Select the correct year of the course you are starting in. E.g. foundation year or first year
    • Answer questions on your home address and living arrangements honestly
    • What tuition fees will you be charged for? The fee you will be charged for is the total cost of your course – check your course fees at if you’re unsure.
  9. If you’re eligible, you can apply for a maintenance loan in the living costs section. You will be asked for your financial, dependant and housing information as this will determine how much maintenance support you’ll receive.
  10. You will need to enter your bank details. Please be aware that this is the account Student Finance England will pay your maintenance loan into.
  11. Check your application and submit, making sure you’ve read through the T&Cs!
  12. Once submitted, you may be asked to send in some evidence to support your application. Please ensure you check your account regularly and send any requested documentation to them as soon as possible, as it can take up to six weeks for your application to be approved.
  13. Double-check that you have given your customer reference number to your Arden Student Recruitment Advisor, as this will ensure your place to study with us is reserved. 
  14. You will need to download the declaration form from your Student Finance account (under the ‘View Correspondence’ tab). Sign this and post it to the address provided.

Student loan applications with Arden

Whether you’re an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, we want to ensure you’ve got your fees and funding covered. If you’re still wondering how to apply for a student loan for your degree, we can help. Our dedicated Arden support team and Education Advisors are here to answer your questions and set you on the right track for your student finance application. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here for any queries.

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