Distance Learing Student, Bettina Finna

Full Name: Bettina Finna 

Subject: BSc (Hons) Psychology - Distance Learning

Country of Residence: Germany

Arden is for winners. Nobody will beg for you to sit down and start working on your 
career, if you don’t do it yourself.

Bettina is currently working in the gastronomy field based in Germany. Bettina is studying via Distance Learning and thoroughly enjoying her course. She has found a love for psychology and is looking to continue onto a Master’s after completing her undergraduate course. 

What has been the best part about studying with Arden University so far?

I expected the ‘typical’ dry materials and teaching, what I had experienced during my earlier studies when I was younger. But I was surprised by the effectively organised and interactive lessons, which made even statistics more interesting than any teacher ever managed to do during classes. I appreciate how friendly and available our teachers and the student support are. Hats off to Arden for managing to care about us students more than many of the traditional universities would do. 

Why did you choose Distance Learning, and has studying online been helpful for your lifestyle?  

The reason why I chose Arden University for my psychology studies were the possibilities of 
flexible learning and using the English language. It was too complicated to find a school which allows
me to learn whenever I want, no pressure, wherever I want (even under the blanket from the bed, if I 
feel like it).

What do you think of the course so far?

I am taking two modules at the same time. Psychology is not an easy field, but luckily that is what
keeps me motivated. Hard work pays off and the course has given me the right challenge so far.

Would you recommend Arden to friends and family?

Arden is for winners. Nobody will beg for you to sit down and start working on your career, if you 
don’t do it yourself. Once you have an honest interest for what you learn, if you reach out for
more, you will be welcome to be helped and advised. But to do that, you must be determined. I would
recommend Arden University for people who I know cannot quit work, but are persistent enough to work for their dreams.

What keeps you motivated to study?

None of the universities will ever be real fun and enjoyable until you find what you love to do. I quit university earlier because I changed my field of interest, but here I am, doing what I really love; going for my degree, which I believe is one of the best decisions of my life. I am lucky that Arden University gave me the chance to prove that I can get my dream degree and even build up on it further, without choosing between working or studying.