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Find Out Why Arden Students Rate Us So Highly

Here at Arden University we strive to make our course programmes, study portal, materials and learning experience as good as we possibly can.

But what do our students (past and present) think about their time studying with Arden and how do they rate their Arden experience?

Take a look below to see what genuine Arden students have to say about us and click through to read more on exactly how they rate Arden and how we've helped them achieve their goals.

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we are highly rated
Martin's Student Testimonial
Emma-Louise's Student Testimonial
Pauline's Student Testimonial
Laura's Student Testimonial
Arden University student Cemene Wellington
Razzel's Student Testimonial
Adam's Student Testimonial
Dominika's Student Testimonial
Imran's Student Testimonial
Rupinder's Student Testimonial
Sarah Louise's Student Testimonial
Martin's Student Testimonial
Detloff's Student Testimonial
Scott's Student Testimonial
Val's Student Testimonial
Clare's Student Testimonial
Ismail's Student Testimonial
Richard's Student Testimonial
Jamie's Student Testimonial
Miriam's Student Testimonial

"It gave me confidence and skills to go for senior jobs that I wouldn’t have been confident to go for previously [and] I have been promoted several times since."

Martin Scahill



"I have been able to study from home and from hospital which has been a blessing [and] I am relieved and happy to finally be on track with my dream career choice [...] I'd definitely encourage Distance Learning with Arden to anybody."

Emma-Louise Smith


"My course is going very well and tutors at Arden are very helpful."

Pauline Banda



"Distance Learning has given me lots of flexibility which has been essential! [...] I could study when I wanted to and all online."

Laura Benson


"Blended Learning with Arden is very good, and helps me combine both work and study as I live in Lambeth in south-east London. The course has helped me in my career because it has given me the confidence to take on promotion and change jobs."

Cemene Wellington


"I have a child and I work as well, so it’s quite a lot to juggle...The Arden University style is amazing because it can get you started with your career earlier than people studying at a normal university."

Razzel Tayeh


"I'm really enjoying this course...there's different people from all over the world here, it's a great environment to be in."



"During the MBA course, I fell pregnant with twins. Life has been hectic since then and completing my MBA has been a great challenge – so the ability to study flexibly is incredibly valuable. 

Dominika Stevens



"You can earn a full time wage, work full-time and support your family as well as study on the side. Definitely I'd recommend it."



"I started to benefit from my MBA even before I had completed the Degree. I sensed increased respect and value at work from my peers and superiors, while the increase in salary followed very soon, as I had anticipated."

Rupinder Singh


"Whilst studying my A-Levels, I did apply for several universities throughout England and was successful in them all. I did however, make the decision to not attend full-time University."

Sarah-Louise Griffiths


"Going back to full-time education became almost impossible as I had a family, mortgage and all the other trappings and distractions of modern family life.

Would I recommend it [Arden]? Yes, I would."

Martin Lithgow

"The course material was well structured and straightforward, making it easy to understand. I am working for a global firm in a quite senior position, and my hope is that my LLB journey will inspire one or two colleagues to do something similar."

Detloff Rump


"After researching different options, I chose Arden University because of its [online] delivery method, and to have the flexibility of fitting the MBA around a full-time job."

Scott Nicholson


Studying for her first Degree with Arden University at the age of 75, Val Bishop says:

"It’s boosted my confidence and I recommend people of ANY age should study for Degrees."

Val Bishop


"I would highly recommend Arden for Distance Learning. Having previously studied via Distance Learning the learning process with Arden is completely different and a much better platform. Support is available to guide you."

Clare Gillon

"The experience with Arden University so far is fantastic – good relationship with students and a flexible payment plan.

I would recommend Arden University to anyone who wants to study and work at the same time."

Ismail Salami

"I’ve wanted to be a Solicitor for a long time and there is no way I can do that without a Degree. I’m also fascinated by the law and justice; it’s a hard subject and I like a challenge."

Richard Wing


"Studying part-time has made me into a reputable candidate, as I have been able to gain valuable experience in different work places. The fact that I have chosen to study at home allows me to demonstrate that I am a determined worker who will work hard…"

Jamie Henderson

"I chose Arden University because I thought it was well structured and, unlike other universities, they were more concerned with the student’s progress and understanding of the law. Doing the Law Degree has opened a lot of new job opportunities and made me more marketable within the job sector."

Miriam Aziz

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