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Here at Arden University we strive to make our course programmes, study portal, materials and learning experience as good as we possibly can.

But what do our students (past and present) think about their time studying with Arden and how do they rate their Arden experience?

Take a look below to see what genuine Arden students have to say about us and click through to read more on exactly how they rate Arden and how we've helped them achieve their goals.

Mabrukat Daura

“I can only say that Arden University is the only university where age is not a barrier for pursuing your educational goals.”

Mabrukat Daura - BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance

Dipo Tepede

“Studying online does not constrain me from traveling within or outside Nigeria, and the best part is I get to choose my study schedule.”

Dipo Tepede - MSc Data Analytics and Project Management

Bruno Ferraz da Fonseca

“If you’re looking for an online degree where you can set up your own study schedule and get a quality education, Arden is the university to choose. It is never too late to follow your dream, and Arden provides exactly the educational model I was looking for to reach it.”

Bruno Ferraz da Fonseca - BA (Hons) Business and Computing

Samantha Foster

“I chose online learning as I was working full time, and studying online provided flexibility around my workday. Now that I am building my own business, I can manage my time between work and studies.”

Samantha Foster - BA (Hons) Business

Emeka Jones Amaechi

“I was excited to be able to stay at my job while studying, and even apply my lessons directly to my current job.”

Emeka Jones Amaechi - BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Anas Alnajjar

“I would recommend the online course to anyone who wants to achieve an advanced level of academic study while working full-time.”

Anas Alnajjar - MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management 

Arden University Ornella Russo

“I would like to thank the Arden team and my tutors for helping me achieve my career goals and contributing to my personal growth.”

Ornella Russo - BA (Hons) Law & Psychology

Arden Distance Learning Student Imran Ali Khalifa

“I wanted to study with Arden because it was the only option I found that truly suited my needs and what I was looking for in a university. The affordable cost of the course, and the fact that I could transfer my credits from previous studies really made Arden stand out.”

Imran Ali Khalifa - LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status

Arden Distance Learning Student Abdulrahaman Usman

“As a mature student the key factors that I wanted when deciding which university was best for me was quality content, a flexible learning schedule, and programme accreditation. During my research I found that Arden really stood out, and I could study without having to give up my job.”

Abdulrahaman Usman - Master of Business Administration

Arden Distance Learning Student Adrian Williams

"I was already in the working world and running two businesses. Not to mention I have a young family, so the freedom Distance Learning offered and the cost effectiveness of the course was a big draw."

Adrian Williams - BA (Hons) Business (Human Resource Management)

Arden Distance Learning Student Martine L Crawford

“This course was the best decision I have ever made. It has given me a chance to have a career in a subject I love, and it’s given me more confidence in myself and my ability to succeed.”

Martine L Crawford - BA (Hons) Business (Marketing)

Arden Distance Learning Student Vivek Bhadra

"The learning materials were up to the highest standards, the cost is comparatively low, and the course is very flexible. Overall I am very satisfied with the education I’ve received and the degree I earned."

Vivek Bhadra - Master of Business Administration Student

Arden Berlin Student Sathesh Paramasivam

"I already landed a job in Berlin before graduating. I would recommend Arden Berlin due to the multicultural environment and as a way to enter the European labour market.’’

Sathesh Kannan Paramasivam - MSc Data Analytics and Marketing Student

Arden University Distance Learning Student Simon Henry

“Since I have a demanding, full-time role and 4-year-old daughter, Distance Learning seemed like the obvious choice; the flexibility is great.”

Simon Henry - MBA student

Photo of an Arden University student

"Studying a degree in Business and Marketing enabled me to achieve the position I have now, the UK Country Marketer for an international business, and I have travelled, learned and never felt happier."

Emma King - BA (Hons) Business & Marketing student

Photo of Arden University student

"The flexibility of studying from anywhere I travel to is the main reason to choose the distance learning programme."

Janka Krsteva - BSc (Hons) Computing student

Photo of Arden University student

"I wanted a degree backed by a British Institution the flexibility and BPS membership also added to the pro’s list."

Mona-Lize Moolman - BSc (Hons) Psychology student

Arden University Business student

"It was important to me to study in English, as our plans are to move abroad in the future."

Marcel Wahrhaftig - BA (Hons) Business Management student

Arden University Distance Learning psychology student

"I needed an institution that would give me the leeway to schedule my studies around my ever-changing work hours."

Rudolf Eigenheer - MSc Psychology student 

Image of Arden student

"As a mid-career professional, studying on campus did not make any sense for me. The opportunity that Arden provided was timely!"

Amer Karkoutli - MSc Project Management student

Arden University Distance Learning student

"Arden University offers adult students like me a second chance to make their life and to correct errors."

Abderrahim Lamri - LLB (Hons) QLD Student

Arden University student Cath Palmer

"For me, enrolling at Arden was cathartic. An opportunity to write the wrongs of the past. Although I felt daunted, I was so well supported by the tutors whose feedback was brilliantly constructive!"

Cath Palmer - BSc (Hons) Psychology student

Man in striped shirt looking into camera with hands together

"Things continually change in this sector, and our first module had a focus on change management, giving me the confidence to approach challenging situations in the future."

Rob Wyatt - Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship – MBA (CMI)

Head shot of man smiling with blue Jumar logo above head

"Being able to continue working and get an education seemed like the best idea – and getting to put what I learn back into the company is really rewarding"

Daniel Freeman - Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship programme

Psychology Student, Cythina Blow

"This freedom to study at my own pace has greatly increased my ability to study a second degree." 

Cynthia Blow - BSc (Hons) Psychology

Distance Learing Student, Bettina Finna

"Arden is for winners. Nobody will beg for you to sit down and start working on your career, if you don’t do it yourself." 

Bettina Finna - BSc (Hons) Psychology

Arden University student, Peter Huszaros

"I am a father to four children and I work full-time. Studying through Distance Learning means I can spend time with my children whilst continuing to earn money and study in my spare time"

Peter Huszaros- BSc (Hons) Computing 

John Paul Asuncion

"The best thing about studying with Arden is accessibility. I am able to contact student support easily and I always get a quick response back."

John Paul Asuncion- BA (Hons) HRM & Psychology

Beth Jacklin, Arden University staff member

"I really like the flexible nature of the programme and the ability to study when and where it suits me! The teaching is great and course structure is nice and easy to follow."

Beth Jacklin - BA (Hons) Business (Finance) (Top-up) student

Billy Reynard-Bowness Arden University staff

"Despite my past ‘disappointments’ academically, I now work as a biochemist in a laboratory and am studying towards a psychology and sociology degree."

Billy Reynard-Bowness - BA (Hons) Psychology & Sociology student

Chris Barlow, Arden University student

"Despite applications to lots of companies for something a bit more focused.. I struggled to find anything. I began to think about whether a degree could boost my chance of gaining more meaningful work."

Chris Barlow - BA (Hons) Business student

Ryan-Jay, Arden University student

"Having flexible study is so important to me… I’ve had to do last-minute school runs to drop my nephews off, but Arden has been so understanding and the flexibility of study suits my life perfectly."

Ryan-Jay- Criminology & Psychology student

Arden University Blended Learning student Clara

"If you wanna reach your goals, then go for it, and Arden's one of the best places that you can do that as a parent, and that's the truth, because what other university are you gonna go to where there's that much support and you don't have to be on campus all the time?"

Clara - LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status student

Arden University Law Degree graduate Richard Wing

"I would recommend Arden University to anyone and I could not have achieved my results without the brilliant support I had from all my tutors. I understand that online learning is not for everyone and you really do need to be motivated, determined and very resilient if you want to do well. However, it is definitely within your grasp if you really want to change your life and do something different."

Richard Wing - LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status student

Nasrin Balera, Arden student

"As I’ve progressed through the course, I’ve gradually moved into a management role and have seen an increase in my salary." 

Nasrin Balera - MSc Engineering student

Arden University student Andrew Kellaway

"I looked at other universities in the area, but they either didn't offer the right course for me or didn't accept Apprenticeship Levy funding. Arden ticked every box."

Andrew Kellaway - Senior Leader Masters Degree Apprenticeship MBA student

Martin's Student Testimonial

"It gave me confidence and skills to go for senior jobs that I wouldn’t have been confident to go for previously [and] I have been promoted several times since."

Martin Scahill - BSc (Hons) Business & Computing (Top-Up) student

Emma-Louise's Student Testimonial

"I have been able to study from home and from hospital which has been a blessing [and] I am relieved and happy to finally be on track with my dream career choice [...] I'd definitely encourage Distance Learning with Arden to anybody."

Emma-Louise Smith - BA (Hons) Graphic Design student

Pauline's Student Testimonial

"My course is going very well and tutors at Arden are very helpful."

Pauline Banda - BA (Hons) Business (Tourism) student

Laura's Student Testimonial

"Distance Learning has given me lots of flexibility which has been essential! [...] I could study when I wanted to and all online."

Laura Benson - BA (Hons) Business (Marketing) Top-Up student

Arden University student Cemene Wellington

"Blended Learning with Arden is very good, and helps me combine both work and study as I live in Lambeth in south-east London. The course has helped me in my career because it has given me the confidence to take on promotion and change jobs."

Cemene Wellington - BA (Hons) Healthcare Management student

Razzel's Student Testimonial

"I have a child and I work as well, so it’s quite a lot to juggle...The Arden University style is amazing because it can get you started with your career earlier than people studying at a normal university."

Razzel Tayeh - LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status student

Adam's Student Testimonial

"I'm really enjoying this course...there's different people from all over the world here, it's a great environment to be in."

Adam - BA (Hons) Business student

Dominika's Student Testimonial

"During the MBA course, I fell pregnant with twins. Life has been hectic since then and completing my MBA has been a great challenge – so the ability to study flexibly is incredibly valuable. 

Dominika Stevens - MBA student

Imran's Student Testimonial

"You can earn a full time wage, work full-time and support your family as well as study on the side. Definitely I'd recommend it."

Imran - LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status student

Rupinder's Student Testimonial

"I started to benefit from my MBA even before I had completed the Degree. I sensed increased respect and value at work from my peers and superiors, while the increase in salary followed very soon, as I had anticipated."

Rupinder Singh - MBA student

Sarah Louise's Student Testimonial

"Whilst studying my A-Levels, I did apply for several universities throughout England and was successful in them all. I did however, make the decision to not attend full-time University."

Sarah-Louise Griffiths - LLB (Hons) Common Law student

Martin's Student Testimonial

"Going back to full-time education became almost impossible as I had a family, mortgage and all the other trappings and distractions of modern family life.

Would I recommend it [Arden]? Yes, I would."

Martin Lithgow - BA (Hons) Graphic Design student

Detloff's Student Testimonial

"The course material was well structured and straightforward, making it easy to understand. I am working for a global firm in a quite senior position, and my hope is that my LLB journey will inspire one or two colleagues to do something similar."

Detloff Rump - LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status student

Scott's Student Testimonial

"After researching different options, I chose Arden University because of its [online] delivery method, and to have the flexibility of fitting the MBA around a full-time job."

Scott Nicholson - MBA student

Val's Student Testimonial

Studying for her first Degree with Arden University at the age of 75, Val Bishop says:

"It’s boosted my confidence and I recommend people of ANY age should study for Degrees."

Val Bishop - BA (Hons) Business student

Clare's Student Testimonial

"I would highly recommend Arden for Distance Learning. Having previously studied via Distance Learning the learning process with Arden is completely different and a much better platform. Support is available to guide you."

Clare Gillon - MA Strategic Marketing student

Ismail's Student Testimonial

"The experience with Arden University so far is fantastic – good relationship with students and a flexible payment plan.

I would recommend Arden University to anyone who wants to study and work at the same time."

Ismail Salami - MA Strategic Marketing student

Jamie's Student Testimonial

"Studying part-time has made me into a reputable candidate, as I have been able to gain valuable experience in different work places. The fact that I have chosen to study at home allows me to demonstrate that I am a determined worker who will work hard…"

Jamie Henderson - LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status student

Miriam's Student Testimonial

"I chose Arden University because I thought it was well structured and, unlike other universities, they were more concerned with the student’s progress and understanding of the law. Doing the Law Degree has opened a lot of new job opportunities and made me more marketable within the job sector."

Miriam Aziz - LLB (Hons) with Qualifying Status student

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