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Arden University Ornella Russo

Name: Ornella Russo

Subject: BA (Hons) Law & Psychology

Country of Residence: United Arab Emirates

I would like to thank the Arden team and my tutors for helping me achieve my career goals and contributing to my personal growth.

Ornella Russo was working as a flight attendant with Emirates Airline when she decided to start her Distance Learning degree. Read about her experience as an online student!


What has been the best part about studying with Arden so far?

The best part has been the flexibility. You have 24-hour access to the ilearn portal, you receive support from tutors, and the webinars are amazing! 

Why did you choose to study with Arden University?

After spending hours researching different universities who offered Distance Learning programmes, I chose Arden for its professional approach, and that it offered so many courses that other universities didn’t have. Arden makes online learning more accessible for everyone. 

Why did you choose distance learning?  

I chose Distance Learning because it suited my lifestyle and work schedule. Being able to access the online portal and libraries 24/7 has been extremely helpful for me to be able to keep up with my studies. Studying while working isn’t the easiest thing to do, but Arden gives you the support you need. 

What do you think of the course?

The course is truly fascinating. I have learned so many things and I always looked forward to starting the next module. Combining law and psychology gives you a different perspective on how you understand facts and perceive the world around you. Studying the human mind and behaviour as well as the legal system and law has given me a broader understanding of the field. 
What are you goals for after graduating from Arden?
My goal after graduating is to work in the law field in a position related to my studies and to continue growing in my career.

Would you recommend studying online with Arden?

I would definitely recommend Arden! I have enjoyed my studies from day one of the programme. I feel like my academic skills and subject knowledge have improved so much throughout the course. Distance Learning requires a lot of independent studying which takes some adjustment to get used to. However, it definitely helps you prioritize what you need to focus on and makes you even more proud when you reach your goals.

I would like to thank the Arden team and my tutors for helping me achieve my career goals and contributing to my personal growth.