Sathesh Kannan Paramasivam

Arden Berlin Student Sathesh Paramasivam

Name: Sathesh Kannan Paramasivam           

Subject: MSc Data Analytics and Marketing - Blended Learning

Study Centre: Berlin, Germany

I already landed a job in Berlin before graduating. I would recommend Arden Berlin due to the multicultural environment and as a way to enter the European labour market.

Sathesh has nine years of experience in the automobile industry working as a Business Analyst in India. He pursued his master’s degree with Arden University at our Berlin campus for an international education and because of Germany’s excellent career opportunities. Currently, Sathesh works as a Business Process Analyst at Delivery Hero in Berlin.

What is the best part about studying with Arden?

Definitely the course’s flexibility, which helped me concentrate on industry exposure. I could work in two different firms in Berlin due to the flexible timing of the study schedule.

Why did you choose to study at Arden’s Berlin campus?

Mainly because Berlin is such an international city with great career options, and has a lot of start-ups to level up our international experience.

How did you enjoy the online learning aspect of your study experience?

The online learning aspect of the course has been excellent. In this kind of programme you study partially on your own and then get further instruction in the classroom sessions. I like that it’s independent but you still have guidance and can ask questions if you need clarification. 

What do you think of the course so far?

I like the structure of the course and that we aren’t assessed purely with traditional exams. The assessment methods used throughout the course are more insightful, and give us the chance to carry out our own research.

What are your goals after graduation?

I already landed a job before graduating, so I will be focusing on adjusting to the new position and learning as much as I can. Beyond that, I want to continue working in Europe and further develop my professional skills.

Would you recommend studying with Arden? 

I would absolutely recommend Arden Berlin to others, partly because of the incredible multicultural environment and flexible study schedule. And, of course, the access to the European market is incredibly valuable for finding work after graduating.