Full Name: Janka Krsteva

Subject: BSc (Hons) Computing - Distance Learning 

Country of Residence: Dubai, UAE

Janka has been a member of Cabin Crew for Emirates Airlines for the past eight years. The flexibility of studying from anywhere and travelling to is the main reason why Janka choose to study with Arden University. 

Photo of Arden University student

Why did you choose Distance Learning, and has studying online been helpful for your lifestyle? 
I am full time employee and my job requires constant travel worldwide with unpredictable working hours. The flexibility of studying from anywhere I travel to is the main reason to choose the distance learning programme. 

What do you think of the course so far?

I have learnt a lot out of the course program as it has given me a good foundation for me to expand my knowledge. The module structure is designed according to my knowledge requirements of my personal IT goals. 

What are your goals once you graduate?

•    I am already working of getting Python certification and go deeper in mastering the language so I can completely transfer my career from the aviation into mobile IT. 
•    Master studies are planned after the graduation too. 

Would you recommend studying online to your friends and family?

I do recommend studying online with Arden due to the university’s flexibility, especially for the students with a full-time job or travel demands. 

How have you found using our online learning platform iLearn?

iLearn has given me very easy and clear access to the online learning material and all the important information. Especially the mobile version of the website, it is very suitable for me as I mostly use my mobile to read the lesson units while I travel to and from work.