Photo of Arden student, Cynthia Blow

Name: Cynthia Blow

Subject: BSc (Hons) Psychology - Distance Learning

This freedom to study at my own pace has greatly increased my ability to study a second degree.

Cynthia is a qualified attorney, notary public and conveyancer. Cynthia was a managing partner in a small law firm, but upon the arrival of her son, returning to full-time work became disruptive. This is why Cynthia has decided to study with Arden to start a new journey.  

What has been the best part about studying with Arden so far?

The best part of studying at Arden has been the flexibility in study hours. Looking after my son has been my priority and I have therefore found it most helpful that Arden provides support to students without being rigid about attendance times.

Why did you choose Distance Learning, and has studying online been helpful for your lifestyle? 

I chose Distance Learning because I do not currently have the capacity to attend classes as my days are full with running my household, my elderly parents’ household and tending to the needs of my 3-year-old. Online studying has been extremely helpful because it provides the flexibility I need in order to study at random times during the day or night. 

Would you recommend studying at Arden?

Yes, I would recommend Arden for a number of reasons. Firstly, the tutors are very good at making themselves available to students. I found that whenever I asked for additional information or had questions for my tutors, I received a reply within 24 hours, which is impressive. Secondly, the study content is well thought out and provides a good basis for gaining enough insight and understanding into each subject to learn it well.

What are the benefits of studying online?

Another benefit of studying online with Arden has been the ability to dictate my own pace of study. In particular, this year, we were renovating our home and a number of other things meant that I wasn’t able to invest any time in my studies. I therefore delayed registering for further modules until the end of January next year, at which point my son will be in playschool Monday to Friday, freeing up more time for my studies. This freedom to study at my own pace has greatly increased my ability to study a second degree and would not have been possible if Arden had stricter time requirements.