Image of Arden student


Name: Amer Karkoutli

Subject: MSc Project Management - Distance Learning 

Country of Residence: Germany

As a mid-career professional, studying on campus did not make any sense for me. The opportunity that Arden provided was timely!

Amer has over 12 years of experience in the International Development Sector. He currently works as a Stabilisation Specialist for the US Department of State Stabilisation. 

Why did you choose Distance Learning, and has studying online been helpful for your lifestyle?

I am a Syrian citizen. The atrocities of the government followed by the proxy wars forced me to suspend my higher education for a while.

As a mid-career professional, studying in campus did not make any sense for me. The opportunity that Arden provided was timely!

What do you think of the course so far?

This is my first time with distance learning, I think that the learning environment that Arden University is providing is both professional and practical. I am really satisfied with the course, learning new concepts/approaches, connecting my practical experience with theory, and having the chance to work on assignments to evaluate my progress.

Would you recommend Arden to friends and family?

I would definitely recommend the long-distance learning program that Arden is providing.
I have been recommending it to friends and colleagues, actually! After a lengthy research, this could be one of the best available options for those who aspire to develop their capabilities while perusing their careers.

What are your future goals?

I look to continue studying by undertaking a master’s degree which will open new opportunities for me including the ability to apply for more senior positions within the same sector.