Arden University Distance Learning psychology student

Full Name: Rudolf Eigenheer

Subject: MSc Pyschology - Distance Learning

Country of Residence: Switzerland

I needed an institution that would give me the leeway to schedule my studies around my ever-changing work hours.

Rudy is a mature student who already holds a master’s degree. He currently works as a therapist for families with youth and a conduct disorder. Rudy has decided to study again to further his knowledge. 

What has been the best part about studying with Arden University so far?

What I have appreciated the most about studying with Arden has been the flexibility of completing a degree while still working full-time. In the beginning I was concerned that I would have to invest a fixed number of study hours each week (e.g. 20 hours / week), which is not always possible with my workload and family obligations. I was very relieved to find out that I was able to invest a moderate amount of time each week. Toward the end of the module I took a week off my regular work and focused all my time on finishing the assignments. For me, the combination of smaller weekly time-investments with one large one at the end of the module worked very well. I also found that the content of the lessons sufficiently prepared me to complete my assignments well. The assignments themselves were challenging (in a good way), they were relevant to what we learned, and interesting to complete. While having contact with other students was not a big priority to me, being able to contact my module tutor (either in the discussion forums or by email) was tremendously helpful. I feel that my concerns and questions were taken seriously, and the feedback was genuinely helpful.

Why did you choose Distance Learning, and has studying online been helpful for your lifestyle?   

I had looked at a distance-education degree in Switzerland, but there were too many events where my presence at the University was mandatory. I work fulltime with irregular working hours, also providing 24/7 on-call support to my team one week per month. For this reason, I needed an institution that would give me the leeway to schedule my studies around my ever-changing work hours.

Can you tell us a bit about your regular routine? 

What works best for me is getting up early in the morning (around 4:30), exercising for 30 to 45 minutes (to fully wake up), and then going to my workplace where I study until around 8:00. After that, my regular workday begins. I also spend approximately every other Saturday on my studies as well, and I take a week off work at the end of the module to finish the big assignments. I also made a plan with my wife and children that we do something as a family at the end of each module to celebrate completing it and to let the family have a reward for letting me focus on my studies during the module. Going into my first module I was wondering how I would manage the demands of work, school, family, etc. One of the thoughts that calmed my worries was that 10 weeks is a manageable timeframe, even at a very high workload. If need be, I could always study one module, take one module off to recuperate, then take on the next module. So far, I have found the workload manageable and I moved right into the next module. It really is doable!

Would you recommend Arden to friends and family?

I would definitely recommend studying online with Arden.  I especially appreciated the fact that Arden found the fine balance between making the materials understandable to students who may not have a background in Psychology, and at the same time taking it well beyond an introductory level. I felt truly challenged, but well-supported all the way.