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Arden Distance Learning Student Martine L Crawford

Name: Martine L Crawford

Programme: BA (Hons) Business (Marketing) - Online Learning

Country of Residence: England, United Kingdom

This course was the best decision I have ever made. It has given me a chance to have a career in a subject I love, and it’s given me more confidence in myself and my ability to succeed.

Martine started studying online with Arden University after years of experience within the estate agency industry managing sales and marketing. Read her story and see how she balanced a full-time job, family, and earning her degree online. 


What has been the best part about studying with Arden?

I think being able to control the pace of my learning was the best part of studying with Arden. Working full time and having a family meant I needed flexibility to study without the pressure of tight deadlines and being overloaded with work.

Why did you choose to study at Arden?

I knew I wanted to earn my degree online and I spent some time exploring my options. After researching Online Learning courses I came across Arden, who from the very beginning helped me decide on a suitable course. Arden even accepted the points from my previous studies, so I could study on a Top-Up degree course rather than having to start a programme from the beginning and cover what I’d already learned before. 

Why did you choose Online Learning?

I chose Online Learning for its flexible structure. I was working full time and raising a family, so online learning allowed me to study around these commitments. I could study at a time that suited my schedule, mainly when the children went to bed. Studying in the evening quickly became part of my daily routine. 

I was born with a hearing impairment which affected my self-esteem and ability to cope within a classroom environment. Online Learning was really the perfect opportunity for me to study in a way that catered to my needs and in an environment I felt comfortable in, especially as a mature student.

What do you think of the course so far?

I have actually just completed the course with a 2.1, which is something I never imagined I would achieve. I am absolutely over the moon! All I can say is big thank you to Arden. This course was the best decision I have ever made. It has given me a chance to have a career in a subject I love, and it’s given me more confidence in myself and my ability to succeed.

What are your goals after graduating from Arden?

I have discovered areas of business from this course that I didn’t think would interest me, but actually ended up being fascinating and I excelled better in some modules than others. After graduating from my course my goals have changed slightly, and I am focusing my career on health and safety.

Would you recommend studying online with Arden?

I would 100% recommend studying online with Arden. The way the course was broken down into manageable modules with excellent tutor support probably saved me from buckling under the pressure of balancing life commitments and studying. I also think the group learning space was a very useful tool, and the learning materials were well presented and informative.

Anything else you would like to say about your experience studying with Arden?

The one-to-one help for my final dissertation was amazing. My dissertation supervisor was so knowledgeable and offered encouragement and support when I doubted myself. I feel I have gained so much more confidence in myself from completing this course.