Emeka Jones Amaechi

Emeka Jones Amaechi

Name: Emeka Jones Amaechi

Subject: BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Country of Residence: Nigeria


I was excited to be able to stay at my job while studying, and even apply my lessons directly to my current job.

Years of familiarising himself with computer programmes and technology gave Emeka the first-hand experience to get a job in a website design firm. Emeka currently works at an NGO designing digital and print materials for their social business department and corporate body. Despite his experience with the programmes he works with, Emeka needed to earn his degree in graphic design to rise to a more senior level position.

What has been the best part about studying with Arden so far?

There have been so many benefits to studying with Arden. I’ve been able to learn the foundation of design and earn a bachelor’s degree from a university in the UK without spending money to move abroad. I was excited to be able to stay at my job while studying, and even apply my lessons directly to my current job.
Why did you choose to study with Arden University?

I was exposed to basic graphic design concepts through my job and I explored it in my free time, and I had to decide how I was going to pursue my degree while working. I could have continued at my current workplace while studying, or continue as a freelancer and not earn my degree, or study as a freelancer and hope that I make enough money to afford tuition.

I met with a friend and he told me about Arden University and how great the institution is. I looked Arden up online and found the graphic design course, which was exactly what I wanted to study. Having the freedom to study graphic design online and earn a degree only made me want to study the course even more. 

Why did you choose online learning?

Online learning gave me the opportunity to achieve my dream of being a university graduate while furthering my career in one of the largest and most respected NGOs in Nigeria. It has played a significant role in my lifestyle especially as I am learning new things and applying my lessons in my everyday life. It has also kept me grounded as I must deliver top quality at my workplace and study my modules to reach my goals.
What do you think of the course so far?

I think it is the perfect course for me. It is very challenging and demanding, however, I think a university course should challenge students. 

What are your goals for after graduating from Arden? 

I intend to get a job outside of Nigeria and then earn my master’s or MBA.

Would you recommend studying online with Arden? 

Yes, I would 100% recommend studying online with Arden. You will get a quality education and earn a degree from a UK university. I even have some friends who see Arden adverts and now want to enrol themselves!

Anything else you would like to say about your experience studying with Arden?

I have met some really cool friends through Arden and we keep in touch once in a while outside the school’s online forum, bouncing ideas off each other and sharing information.