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It’s National Apprenticeship Week this week, and employers, teachers and apprenticeship providers around the country are engaging in activities encouraging people to ‘Look Beyond’, and celebrate the diversity and value that apprenticeships bring to employers, apprentices and communities across England today.

Daniel Freeman is currently studying the Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship programme with a focus on data analysis, after deciding that he wanted to leave the world of IT recruitment behind and acquire his own role as an IT professional.

Daniel has worked at Jumar Recruitment for almost five years, working his way up to a Senior Sourcer after joining the company in a more junior role.

Talking about the earlier stages of his career, Daniel said: “I decided that I wanted to move my career into IT and away from recruitment, so I’d pick up any opportunities to use new technologies that I could. 

“Being able to continue working and get an education seemed like the best idea – and getting to put what I learn back into the company is really rewarding.”

It’s clear that Daniel revels in the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills he acquires in his apprenticeship studies in his day-to-day working life, and he’s already reaping the benefits.

“I’ve learnt a lot about IT and data analysis, and Jumar have been fantastic about me using what I’ve learnt in-house. After just six months studying for my degree apprenticeship, my position began to change and I’ve since moved away from recruiting and into a data reporting position.

Degree apprenticeships at Arden University give learners the opportunity to study for a degree while staying in employment. Daniel identified the flexibility the study mode provides, and the coaching and support as two highlights.

“I get a lot of support from my tutors and colleagues whenever I need it, and I don’t have to worry about having to do some studying during working hours. With Arden, I can study at a pace that works for me, and their support team are fantastic at providing me with help.

“Plus, having a coach to guide me has been instrumental. I’m able to receive advice on my assignments and I get the chance to discuss ways that I can move forward into areas that I’m really interested in.”

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