Accommodation information for UK blended learning students

If you're a little daunted by the idea of finding good quality private housing for the duration of your studies, don't worry. This page contains some useful information and links to get you started..

If you are considering studying a blended learning course at one of our UK study centres, you’ll get all the structure and routine of a full-time campus-based course without the full-time commitment of a traditional campus degree course. Enrolling on an undergraduate blended learning course at our UK study centres means you’ll need to attend sessions in person up to two or days a week.

Some of our students choose to commute from home to their classes, while some choose to rent private accommodation near to their study centre. Because of the flexible nature of the study schedule we offer our students, we do not offer full time accommodation services. However, if you do choose to relocate to be closer to your preferred study centre, you have lots of options to choose from. Those students who are receiving a Student Loans Company (SLC) loan may also be able to use part of their maintenance loan to cover some of the costs of accommodation.

If you’re moving with your family, we recommend that you find suitable accommodation in your location of preference first before your family joins you.

Choose your preferred study centre below to see just a few of the options you’ll have when searching for accommodation. If you’re considering joining one of our full-time courses in Berlin, please visit our Berlin accommodation services page.

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London: Ealing
London: Tower Hill
London: Holborn

Please note: as you will need to find your accommodation independently, we do not offer any funding for accommodation and are not responsible for any accommodation queries, recommendations, or complaints arising from any private rental contract you may enter into. 

This page contains information correct as of July 2017.