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Accommodation Information for Blended Learning students

Arden University's Blended Learning courses are designed to fit flexibly around you and your life, therefore we do not offer our own student accommodation.

If you are considering one of our Blended Learning courses, you will get all the structure and routine of a full-time campus-based course without the full-time commitment.

Being a student at one of our Arden study centres means you will need to attend sessions in person up to 2 or 3 days a week for our Undergraduate courses, or one evening every fortnight for our Master's programmes.

Some Blended students commute, some live nearby and because many of them work at the same time as studying, they have the flexibility of living where it is most convenient for them.

Please note: as you will need to find your accommodation independently, we do not offer any funding for accommodation and are not responsible for any accommodation queries, recommendations or complaints.

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This page contains information correct as of July 2017.