Go Get Going with Arden

Go Get Going - inspired by our students

Over the years at Arden, we’ve met a lot of students who believed a university education wasn’t for ‘someone like them’ - whether that meant they had non-traditional qualifications, or they simply couldn’t afford the expense. Go Get Going is about showing that with Arden University, you have more options available, so that you can get out there and achieve your goals.  

Our courses are:  

  • More affordable 
  • Designed to be flexible and work around your career or family 
  • Accessible: you can study entirely online if you wish, or split your Degree between online and classroom study 
  • Created with your career in mind 

Here’s what our students say…

This campaign was inspired by our students - so we asked them what it means to them!

Go Get Going with Arden University

Arden University

Studying with Arden can really help you achieve your goals, because it’s very flexible when it comes to learning and because everyone is just so supportive. You have some amazing staff members - and everyone is always there to make sure you’re not stressed out, you’re on the right path, and who just keep you going.

Arden University student Johanna Landu

Johanna Landu
LLB (Hons) Law

Studying and gaining a Degree is going to help me because I gain a lot of knowledge from the lessons that I have. There are a lot of tutors who have been in that business themselves, that are giving us the extra skills we need to progress.

Arden University student Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith
BA (Hons) Healthcare Management

With Arden, I get to spend more time with my children, and they’re the main reason I want to achieve my education.

Arden University student Clara Jennings

Clara Jennings
LLB (Hons) Law

When someone tells me 'Go Get Going', it means ‘crunch time’ really! You’ve got to really focus on your studies and see the end goal!

Arden University student Umair Gilani

Umair Gilani
LLB (Hons) Law

'Go Get Going', to me, means a university that gives you the opportunity to succeed in your career.

Arden University student Elizabeth Azeez Khoshnaw

Elizabeth Azeez Khoshnaw
BA (Hons) Criminology & Psychology

Arden University students discussing their application

What we do at Arden…

Distance Learning Degrees:
Online study where you complete your full Degree via our online learning platform, ilearn. You’ll learn through a mixture on online seminars, recorded presentations, podcasts, Skype sessions with tutors, and online forums with your peers.

Blended Learning Degrees:
A mix of online and traditional classroom-based learning. Classes are held at our study centres in: 

You’ll study 8 hours per week in class, and a recommended minimum of 25.5 hours per week at home, online.

Degree Apprenticeships:  
With a Degree Apprenticeship, your employer sponsors you to study. So, not only will you come out with a funded Degree, but because you are working, you’ll also get paid a salary while you study. 

Your learning is predominantly done online, with some lessons at one of our UK study centres. The rest of your time will be spent as an employee, so you’ll continue to gain that all important work experience and earn money at the same time.