Hear what our students said at Graduation

Students Graduation

Accompanied by families, friends, and loved ones, more than 400 students attended our in-person ceremonies to celebrate this year’s November Graduation. 

With undergraduates and postgraduates present to collect their degree certificates at one of two ceremonies taking place on Monday 28th November in the prestigious Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, London, we caught up with a number of them before they went on stage to see how they'd enjoyed their time with Arden University and what they were looking forward to in the future. 

Students at graduation

Omoyemi Juliana Falade is a Healthcare Management Graduate who, alongside her friend from the same course, Fikayo Origbemi, was one of the very first students through the door on the day. 

‘I enjoyed my course, it was very educative and encouraging and it boosted my ego,' she said.

'I’m happy today. I’m excited today and can’t wait to get my certificate. When I’ve got my degree I’m going to start my own business, although I’m going to work for a little bit as a manager beforehand to boost my experience in the field.’

‘I’m happy to have my graduation today,' said Fikayo Origbemi. 'I’m at the end now and it’s an achievement. I want to go for my master's next and open my own company after that.’

Students at graduation

Elisa Manicardi recently completed her Master's degree in Human Resources Management, combining her studies with working as a health and safety manager for a Pharmaceutical company.

‘My experience was really good,' she said. 'Everyone was really helpful and studying online was great for balancing work and homelife. I’m hoping this degree takes me in a different direction at work, which I can see is already happening with some changes and things that I’m able to get involved in because of this degree.Today feels very good, I’m very proud, and it’s nice to be hear with my eldest, who has just started studying at university because it’s nice to see the path ahead for them.’  

Students at graduation

Hesham was getting his cap and gown fitted downstairs when we caught up with him. He'd completed an MSc in Data Analytics and Enterprise Architecture Management. 

‘I enjoyed every moment of my time studying,' he said. 'I enjoyed collaborating with my classmates and we had a good way of engaging online. I balanced my time working and my family time with studying with, and the online learning platform does fit with the new culture and new rhythms. I work in the business intelligence industry and was looking very hard online to find a university that would fit with my working needs, my family needs, and give me the end goal I’m trying to achieve.'

‘Arden was the only one during my due diligence which seemed to fit. I’m so excited to be graduating today, the last excitement I had like this was for my bachelor’s degree, which was a while ago! It’s good to be back in this feeling though with this energy around the place.’ 

Students at graduation

With the morning session completed, students began arriving for the second of the day's ceremonies. Among them was Alexandra, who had recently completed her BA Hons in Business. 

‘It was an amazing experience,' she said. 'I learned so much and made a lot of friends which will remain with me for a lifetime. It’s exciting to be graduating, I’m a little bit nervous, but it’s a dream come true. I’m doing a postgraduate degree with Arden next, and after that I’m hoping to open my own business.’ 

Students at graduation

We also found another Business undergraduate nearby in Timea. 

‘It’s nice to be here with my friends,' she said. 'At my age it’s a bit unbelievable, but I’m very happy to be here. I’ve already moved to a higher level of job because of this degree so I’m very grateful.’  

Students at graduation

And finally, we found Ibrar, who was another Healthcare Management student, although he was looking forward to further involvement in higher education. 

‘It feels fantastic to be graduating today,' he said. 'Throughout all the COVID the university has been really supportive – it’s been brilliant. I’m doing Psychology with Counselling next, so hopefully there’ll be another graduation for me soon!’