As part of our graduation ceremonies at the end of 2023, we caught up with a number of our incredible students, reflecting some of Arden University’s high achievers.

One of those is Ofentse, who was graduating with a BA Honours in Business Management

Ofentse, who studied with us via distance learning in South Africa, spoke to us about what he enjoyed about his time with Arden, his impressive mindset and dedication towards his studies, and why he enjoyed learning about more than just business theory. 

Read more about his story below. 

What did you enjoy about your course? 

So even though my course was challenging, I'd say that the biggest thing I enjoyed is that whatever theory you learn, you have to apply to practice. I don't know how Arden did it, but they could tell if you're a student that just deals with theory. It's basically means you’re always getting back to the drawing board and thinking “How can I apply what I’m learning in a practical setting?”

And how does it feel to be graduating today?

Oh, it feels great. Like I'm in shock, you know, I am really in shock. But it's also made me feel more motivated, more hungry towards going towards my masters and my PhD. 

Why are you in shock? 

It’s a weird bias, but I never expected it. Being a student and a young boy from South Africa, I'd never thought that I'd get to this point where I’ve actually come overseas to study here. But my parents always told me that anything I put my head to, I'm capable of achieving. So this is just one way that I'm living by that code of honour, and I believe my best days are ahead of me now.

How did you find the process of distance learning? Did you ever struggle with finding the motivation to study?

No, I can't say that it was hard finding the motivation. As an individual, it's about how determined and driven you are to actually completing the course. Distance learning also has a number of benefits in the sense of you can work and also study at the same time. 

Is that what you were doing? 

Yes, I'm a client lesson office with Isizwe Components.

One thing that really helped was the fact that, since I'm always working, you can actually pace yourself according to the assignments that you need to do. Then there’s also the advantage with working that I can immediately apply my theory to my work, which has been beneficial. For me, I started off as a sales rep and now, as soon as I graduated, I've become a client liaison officer. 

What do you hope comes next? 

So, I'm doing a master's in project management, that will be starting next year. And from there, I’ll be looking towards my PhD. 

What is it about higher education that's grabbed you?

I don't look at being rich, I look at creating generational wealth and continuing it. And in that regard, it's in a sense of whatever I bring to Earth, whatever idea I put my head towards, I want it to be long lasting. When I’m presenting ideas to the table, I want other people to think “Oh, this business idea is being presented by a Doctor.” Having that PhD status is a way of really grabbing attention.  

What was your proudest moment while he was studying with us?

My proudest moment of the time when I actually got my MCSE and they told me that I'm done. That was my proudest moment. 

Was there anything that surprised you about yourself?

One thing that surprised me is the fact that I realised that I actually don't give up. I can't state that I'm perfect, and it wasn’t all just smooth cruising. But I realised when I was tested with failure I could go straight back to the drawing board and channel my mind the right way. 

Arden doesn’t just teach theory and business, it teaches you ways of life. 

What advice would you have for anyone that was considering distance learning as an option for them?

You have to be determined and you have to be disciplined. At the same time, you also have to find the right university that will support you towards the career path you want to take, and a university that will actually listen to the journey that you're going to be taking. 

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