We’ve all been there: a bad day at work can make it easy to daydream about a completely different job. But how to take a brave step towards a career change?

Are you having a mid-life career crisis?

We’ve all been there: a bad day at work can make it easy to daydream about a completely different job, one that would be more financially rewarding, mentally stimulating and bring more satisfaction.

But what if an ‘off day’ changes into a nagging feeling of unhappiness that simply won’t go away? According to a research by Vodafone, the 31-35 age group is the most unhappy with work. When asked about their negative feelings about work, 59% of them felt undervalued, 49% were unfulfilled and 43% were demotivated.

If so many of us are dissatisfied with our jobs, why don’t we take the brave step towards a career change? Is it because we worry that we’re not as young and promising as those fresh-faced graduates, or think that our home budget isn’t prepared to take the pay cut which comes with a career change?

Here are some of the top myths about changing your career, so put them past you and make your first step towards a better and happier future:

  • You should know what you want to do with your life

Chances are, you have wanted different careers at different stages of your life.Your university aspirations were probably very different to what you wanted to do at secondary school. Accept the fact you are constantly changing and your interests and abilities grow with you. You don’t need an answer to what you should do for the rest of your life.

  • You're too old to change careers

Says who? Haven’t you read the story of our student Val who is currently studying her first degree at the age of 75 (yes, you read that right!) or heard news about people who became millionaires in their 40’s?

Alan Rickman didn’t get his first film role until he was 42, Stan Lee created his first hit comic, "The Fantastic Four," just shy of his 39th birthday. Milkshake device salesman Ray Kroc has built the world’s biggest fast food franchise when he was 52 - that’s McDonald’s to you and me.

  • Your career is for the rest of your life

That might have been true 20 years ago, but times change – as so does the job market. Your chosen career path no longer has to be forever. The reality for most of us these days is that it is now normal to have had several complete career changes over a working lifetime.

Though it’s not good for your resume to have multiple and frequent job changes, as long as you’re not hopping jobs every two years, a few career changes won’t hurt you (and will hopefully make you happier).

  • You have to start over at the bottom

While you may not be able to move directly into a senior level position in your new field, don’t discount the amount of experience, skills, and talents you’ve developed throughout your current career. You have an arsenal of tools at your disposal in the form of skills such as clear communication, tech savviness and time management which are valuable attributes in any workplace.

  • You must go back to school full-time

We talked about the work-experience that could get your foot in the door, but what if extra qualifications are necessary to grow your new career? You can still make the change and keep earning money while gaining a qualification.

Attend seminars and complete your classes online in your spare time – yes, it’s that simple!

Better the devil you know?

The longer you choose to stay in a job you dislike the more dissatisfied you become and the constant strain will impact all aspects of your life. You spend a massive chunk of your life at work – don’t spend it being unhappy.

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