Life as a Mature Law Student at Arden University

Arden University Law student, Clara, explains how a change in circumstances in her life lead her to finally fulfill her life-long ambition of studying law...

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I've always had a passion for law...

Although I achieved fantastic grades in school, life just did not produce an opportunity for me to study. I ended up gaining a few qualifications in different areas, such as hairdressing, but being in a courtroom and fighting for justice was always in the back of my mind. 

I started my family in my 20s and now have four children, and as they’re in school and childcare I’m able to work and study while they are there, which is perfect.

Going to university is a huge step in anyone’s life and I do sometimes think about what advice I’m going to give my children when they are getting their A-level results. I think that school-leavers need to gain experience after their studies, it’s more likely to help them figure out what they like and gain a bit of hunger for working if they do.

A lot of A-level students go to university and expect to get a job straight after graduation. Unfortunately, you realise very quickly in the world of work that the right candidate for the job will most likely be the one with suitable qualifications alongside relevant work experience. I hear a lot in the news about graduates coming out with a lot of debt after their studies and do worry for my children. 

Some parents can afford it and some just can’t

I’m hoping if my children do opt to gain some work experience before university, they’ll learn some money management skills before they start. I think people forget that it’s not just about the university name and status, it’s about being mentally able to cope with change. You have to be emotionally able to cope with moving away and managing money, so it can take some time to get used to. 

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The key thing for anyone is being able to handle what life throws at you 

I had gone through a major life change after separating from a partner and decided that it was time to do something for myself and my children, which would benefit all of our futures. 

I intend to do my master’s and bar professional training course after I graduate, to become a barrister. After this, I would like to go on to become a QC and in the longer term, I’d like to become a high court judge and then work in the Supreme Courts. 

I feared that returning to education would harm finances and my children, however, I found that when I applied to Arden University, their fees were more affordable than other universities. It’s great that I can finally learn something I’m passionate about and still spend so much time with my children. 

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