Why Study a Law Degree?

We asked our students why they decided to apply to study a Qualifying Law Degree and what they are hoping to achieve. Find out what they had to say:

If you want to become a practising solicitor or barrister, while having a great foundation for other careers, then you may have already considered studying a Qualifying Law Degree. 

"An LLB that is qualifying is a desirable qualification, which is held in high regard by many professions and employers both within England, Wales and overseas.” 

Angela Burns, Programme Team Leader for Law - Arden University 

Who studies a law degree?

We wanted to know why students and graduates chose Arden University's LLB, so we spoke to some of them to find out what they are hoping to achieve.

Regardless of whether they're already working in the legal sector or not, one thing shows: the applicants have done some serious research into the programme and their career options as a LLB graduate. 

“I secured a volunteer internship with a local law firm during my degree. In time I hope to become specialised in commercial and property law, which is in demand down here in South Devon. Luckily, it's something that really interests me! I made sure I chose a course that would give me the qualifications I needed to get a job at the end of it.” 

Man standing in front of brick wall with Arden University logo in bottom left hand corner

Richard, Arden University LLB (Hons) graduate



Why study Law at Arden?

We asked Programme Team Leader Angela to tell us more about why students should choose to study with us. After all, she's the expert and most likely be delivering at least some of your course content if you study with us: 

What's life like as an Arden Law student?

“Studying part time has made me into a reputable candidate, as I have been able to gain valuable experience in different work places. The fact that I have chosen to study at home allows me to demonstrate that I am a determined worker who will work hard to be successful.” 

Jamie, LLB (Hons) Student 

Many of our students take the opportunity to study for a law degree online and gain as much experience as they can. Jamie is currently working as a dispensing assistant at a pharmacy and a leisure attendant at a local leisure centre, whilst doing voluntary work experience at a solicitor’s – all alongside his studies. 

“My hope is that my LLB journey will inspire one or two colleagues to do something similar. Giving yourself a good challenge, proving your capabilities and widen your horizons… It’s a great experience!” 

Detloff, LLB (Hons) Alumni 

Detloff already held a senior position in his company when he started his journey with us – he did it for the love of learning, but believes a legal qualification could be a game changer for some of his younger colleagues.

Whatever your goals and aspirations, a law degree opens up a lot of opportunities. You could become a lawyer (that’s the obvious one!), writer or even a banker. Read our guide to help identify the possible routes and career options available with a Law degree.

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