Careers You Can Pursue with a Law Degree

If you want to do a law degree, you also need to know you can do more with it than you might think! Explore alternative law careers with this article.

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Alternative law careers

“If you want to be a lawyer, you need to do a law degree.” We’ve all heard it before, but we like to think differently. If you want to do a law degree, you also need to know you can do more with it than you might think!

What kind of jobs could I get with a Law Degree?

Sure, if you are looking to become a solicitor or barrister, completing a Qualifying Law Degree is a no-brainer, but what if you’re interested in law but not sure you want to practise it? The multiple transferable skills that you develop when you study law are highly sought after in a variety of different sectors and industries; you could end up as a great public speaker with the ability to think and write analytically, or a strong strategic thinker with teaching and negotiation skills.So where can a qualifying law degree take you?

1. Legal Services

There are the obvious choices which might have crossed your mind when you first started thinking about studying a law degree: Paralegal, Legal Executive or Legal Secretary. Companies need to ensure organisations comply with company law and regulations, and that’s where you come into play!

2. Publishing and journalism

You could make an excellent advocate for prospective authors (AKA literary agent). You would help develop the product, brand and negotiate book deals – with a law degree, your negotiation skills should be second to none. Or if you fancy a bit of writing yourself, why not become a journalist, writer (legal or otherwise) or editor?

3. Social occupations

The ability to give advice sits at the core of the law. Cultivating and building relations, the love of research and the ability to communicate your thoughts effectively could make you a perfect counsellor, teacher or lecturer. Keep in mind that some extra qualifications might be necessary to enter those professions.

4. Finance and Banking

You could work as an analyst, utilising your problem solving and persuasion skills. Each year brings with it new government legislation so a background in analysing legal changes is useful. Perhaps you fancy working in the City? Diplomacy and negotiation skills could land you a job in investment banks, insurance broking and accountancy. The opportunities really are endless. You could be a legal recruiter or consultant, a project manager or corporate trainer. You could even open your own business and be your own boss.

Your career is your choice

So there you have it: an enormous amount of options to consider. Of course, you’ll need to review your CV to emphasise different experiences and interests; so our Career Portal contains lots of valuable information which Arden University students benefit from, including job hunting techniques, tips on writing a good CV and successful interviews.

However you choose to use your law degree, we wish you happy career hunting!

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