Arden faculty joins Campaign for Social Science

Arden University's Faculty of Social Sciences has recently pledged its support for increased social science research by joining the prestigious Campaign for Social Science

Supported by a coalition of universities, social science societies, and publishers that advocate for the greater use of applied social science research in decision-making and government policies, The Campaign is dedicated to promoting the benefits of investing in social science research, as well as demonstrating how the delivery of evidence-based solutions can help tackle some of the significant challenges facing society.

By joining the Campaign, Arden University's Faculty of Social Sciences has also strengthened its reputation and contributed towards becoming an employer of choice within the sector. 

‘Membership of the Campaign for Social Science is an affirmation of Arden's commitment to providing high-quality education and training that meets the needs of the modern workforce. This is also something which will provide benefits for staff and students alike,’ said Finola Farrant, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Arden University.  

‘We’re thrilled to be standing alongside other universities in backing this campaign, and the increased recognition of the value of social science research in society, particularly as the range of social sciences programmes that we offer prepare our students to make a positive impact on society.’

The collaboration will also hopefully provide additional benefits for students, with Arden being granted access to case studies, research, and insights into the employability of Social Science graduates. Meaning, students who choose to study Social Sciences at Arden University can now expect to gain a deeper understanding of the skills they will acquire and their relevance to the job market.