Sep 17 2021

Subject Spotlight: Social Science

Why consider careers in social science?

Social sciences play an integral role in the world we live in today, exploring fascinating insights into the ‘how and why’ of everyday life. Jobs in social science enable use of critical thinking skills as well as the ability to develop a perspective on individuals and our social world.

Is a degree in social science for me?

If you have a hunger to learn, a desire to debate big questions, and are unafraid to ask more, then a degree in social science could be perfect for you. Following a social science career path encourages you to explore a multitude of different topics, linking concepts in sociology, social policy, and politics. If you’re interested in studying areas such as inequality issues linked to gender, race, disability, and health, as well as learning about the theories relating to societal approaches to inequality and discrimination, then you may be the perfect fit for our course. 

Jobs in social science - is it a good career path to choose?

There are positive prospects for those who choose careers in social science, with studies showing that almost 9 in 10 social science students are working, or continuing their studies one year after graduation. It’s important to know that when enrolling on a degree in social science, your career path does not have to be set in stone. A career in social science can take you in a range of directions, and the skills you gain from completing your degree will make you employable across several different exciting sectors. Our courses aim to prepare you with a variety of transferable skills, which will in turn enable you to make an informed decision on which direction you’d like to take your career.

Jobs directly related to your degree in social science would include:

  • Police Officer 
  • Psychologist 
  • Social Worker 
  • Counsellor 
  • Charity and Non-profit

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Politics
  • Teaching
  • Journalism
  • PR, media, and market research
  • Advertising

What qualifications are needed to be a psychologist?

With one of the main elements of a social science degree being psychology, it’s a clear career path for those who choose to specialise in this area of the subject. By beginning your academic journey with a degree in social science, you can continue to develop and expand your knowledge, giving you the option to specialise in a variety of subject areas you may want to become an expert in. In addition to the subject-specific knowledge you’ll gain, through studying social science you will accrue more general skills including the abilities to: 

  • Research and present information to various audiences 
  • Analyse and evaluate data 
  • Produce written communication effectively 
  • Present findings in a range of formats such as essays, presentations, reports, and online forums 
  • Work both independently and within a team

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Degree in social science fact sheet

Do I have to study full-time to get this degree?

No, here at Arden we offer full flexibility when it comes to your studies. The course is available to students as a fully online programme which gives you the option to study the course part-time if you wish.

How long will it take?

You have three to nine years to complete the course, meaning you can take up to three years to complete each level. With our online learning options, this means you can study in a flexible manner that suits your lifestyle. Most students complete their degree in social science within three to six years.

What qualifications are needed for a degree in social science?

To study one of our degrees in social science, we should normally have completed two subjects at A level plus three passes in grade C or above at GCSE level, or the equivalent. However, we consider all applications on a case-by-case basis, so if you don’t have the above, but have other qualifications or experience, then feel free to get in touch to discuss your options with us.

What are the potential jobs in social science?

Career prospects as a graduate in social science are high, with a multitude of different areas and sectors you could choose to work in. Options range from social work and policing to journalism or politics. The career possibilities are many and varied, so you are likely to find a social science career path that suits you.

What kind of salary could I expect as a graduate

The salary you can expect as a graduate following your degree in social science will depend on the area you have chosen to specialise in. In most cases you will begin at a graduate or assistant level, and your salary will increase as you develop your knowledge and experience in your area of employment. If you chose to pursue a career in social work after graduation as an assistant, your salary could be in the region of £18,000-£26,000. As you progress your career, your salary could rise to the region of £39,000, and senior social care workers cab earn highs of £58,000.

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