Oct 26 2022

Inclusion Services to help students with Assistive Technology

Arden University’s Inclusion team is set to help students familiarise themselves with a range of easy-to-use Assistive technology through a series of one-to-one sessions and helpful videos. 

Assistive technology, an umbrella term for any tool or software that supports with completing tasks or activities, includes tools that remove accessibility barriers or that change the way a person may interact with a computer. A broad variety of tools are available which can help students remove barriers. For example, dictation tools exist which can help write essays and text-to-speech tools can read long research papers aloud.

The inclusion team will be able to refer students to one-to-one drop-in sessions, launching in November and overseen by D&A accredited technology trainers, which will offer guidance and insight into a range of subjects, including research and referencing, writing, planning and proofreading, presenting, and other ways students can set about embedding Assistive Technology in Academic Study. 

A series of training videos will also be made available for students via the Inclusion portal, early next year, designed to enhance students’ knowledge of Assistive technology. 

Students are advised to contact inclusion@arden.ac.uk if they are interested in one-to-one software sessions and keep their eyes peeled for more information on the training videos.