May 31 2022

Arden dives in to support Swim England team

Arden has announced support for the Swim England Artistic Swimming (Synchro) team as they pursue their European, International, and Olympic ambitions over the next few years.

The university is backing the team by sponsoring the purchase of special, weighted swimming costumes. Bespoke to the team, they feature the Arden University logo and increase resistance in the pool through a series of weights which are hand stitched inside the costume.

The suits will help athletes across all age groups to get themselves in prime condition ahead of leading events and competitions.

Karen Thorpe, Artistic Swimming Manager at Swim England Artistic Swimming, said: "We are delighted to be sharing a partnership with Arden, especially as we have just embarked on a new training programme for our top athletes to enhance their performance.

“The suits are complete unique for us and designed to help our athletes develop their strength and fitness.

“We are excited to start using the suits and are really grateful to Arden University for sponsoring them for us.”