Jun 10 2022

Director of Digital Learning appears in Education Technology webinar

Stuart Allan, Arden University’s Director of Digital Learning, recently appeared in an education webinar hosted by Education Technology, a leading voice of ICT in education, on Wednesday the 15th June. 

The webinar, entitled ‘Blended Learning – Did we forget about the students?’ was hosted by Tom Henry, a Contributing Editor at Education Technology.

Joining Stuart on the panel was Emilia Kruszewska (Account Executive, Class), Samantha Ahern (Lead Technology Lead at UCL), and Aaron Burrell (Associate Director Digital Learning and Innovation). 

This expert panel took a look at what blended learning means in 2022, whether institutions are giving students the education they need as they continue on their journey to provide a hybrid teaching model, and how universities can meet the needs of ever more diverse student expectations.

To watch a video of the event visit Education Technology's website here