Arden University Confers First Professors

Arden University's Vice-Chancellor and International Director earn professor titles.

Arden University's Vice-Chancellor and International Director stand in front of an Arden University poster

Arden University has announced the conferment of the title of Professor on its Vice-Chancellor, Philip Hallam, and International Director, John Vaughan.

The title of Professor is conferred on academics who have demonstrated academic distinction or leadership relevant to the mission of Arden University. This can be proven in various ways, including effective contribution to furthering the strategic aims of the University, and inspiring and supporting colleagues to excellence.

Professor Hallam led the establishment of Arden University over more than 10 years, while Professor Vaughan led the development and launch of Arden’s innovative portfolio of degree programmes.

“I am immensely proud to be one of the first professors appointed by Arden University and to have my achievements recognised in this way,” said John. “Very few people get the opportunity to lead an academic team to support an application for Taught Degree Awarding Powers and University Title.”

“I was fortunate enough to have a supportive team around me and to work with some great colleagues and thank them for all they have done in laying the foundation for Arden’s development,” John added.

The University conferment panel made a unanimous decision to award the title of Professor in both instances.

“It is an honour to be granted a Professorship by Arden University,” said Phil. “It was my dream 17 years ago when I left the traditional university sector to create a new, modern university that provides better access and value for its students. This massive achievement was only possible because of the fantastic team at Arden, whom I thank for their determination and continued commitment.”

“However, this is only the beginning for Arden and we have exciting plans to challenge the traditional universities over the coming years and provide our students with even more flexible study opportunities and excellent outcomes.”