Arden University’s Natalie Quinn-Walker to present research at International Conference of Gender Studies

Arden University lecturer, Natalie Quinn-Walker, will present her research at the 4th International Conference of Gender Studies on 19th January 2020.


Arden University’s Health and Social Care Lecturer, Natalie Quinn–Walker, is set to present her Master's research at the 4th International Conference on Gender Studies, set to take place in Leeds on 19th January 2020.

The conference provides opportunities for researchers to explore the inequalities of opportunities for both men and women, and whether people who do not fit into the traditional roles are alienated by society; this covers issues including domestic abuse, discrimination against the LGBT community and gender inclusivity across cultures. 

Natalie’s research explores the importance of further development of support for male domestic abuse victims, with a study entitled 'Do healthcare professionals delivering emergency services have adequate knowledge and awareness to identify and support male domestic abuse victims?'

In my research, I aimed to understand male domestic abuse victims' experiences when seeking medical attention for physical injuries, and whether healthcare professionals providing the front-line support encourage disclosure, thus, reviewing whether men receive an equal level of support,” Natalie explains.

Natalie’s research explores whether front-line staff have adequate knowledge to support male domestic abuse victims, emphasising the importance of additional training for healthcare professionals to ensure all victims feel empowered to report their abuse, and the need for provision of male domestic abuse material at healthcare centres. 

The International Conference on Gender Studies provides the opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policymakers to discuss the importance of gender inequalities globally, sharing ground-breaking research and encouraging networking to ensure future development of effective policies, ethical practices and new research questions to be addressed.