Arden University Supports UNESCO Initiative ‘The August Project’ in Nigeria

Arden University is set to provide certification for Entrepreneurship MBA for juniors to support younger generations in creating a better future for their country.

Arden University supports The August Project

Arden University has recently announced its participation in 'The August Project' (TAP), an education initiative promoted in Nigeria by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO READ and EARN FEDERATION).

'The August Project' was established after it was found that school children are leaving education in Nigeria with a lack of work-based skills and entrepreneurial drive.

With this programme, UNESCO REF aims to provide creative skills and hands-on experience, as well as assisting with a longer-term strategy to encourage entrepreneurs in the country.

In September 2019, John Vaughan, International Director at Arden University, travelled to Nigeria to take part in the official launch of the initiative, stating: “We are aware of all the incredible work that UNESCO does across the globe and are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such an outstanding organisation."

"Arden University has always been committed to giving ‘the right to higher education’. TAP project does that by encouraging young people to think creatively. We are delighted to be involved and to offer our support in upskilling and developing the population.”

As part of its involvement, Arden University will be issuing certificates of completion for each stage of the Entrepreneurship MBA for juniors, as well as offering academic support.

The programme will run through the primary and secondary system as part of the schools’ timetables. The University will also take part in graduation ceremonies to celebrate the young students’ achievements.

The programme, which will train 1,200,000 Nigerians over the next 10 years, will work to encourage the youth to maximise their potential. 
Aimed at kids and teens, TAP is designed to help them think creatively and develop skills that will aid them in joining the workplace or becoming entrepreneurs. As well as embracing the nation’s innovation and benefiting the students individually, filling the entrepreneurial skills gap will support Nigeria’s future economic growth.

During his visit to Nigeria, John Vaughan met with UNESCO REF officials and local authorities. He was also invited to present a speech on the importance of the role teachers play in a successful learning outcome, as well as participating in a focus group to highlight Arden’s commitment to TAP.

Arden University has had many Nigerian students undertaking degree programmes through Distance Learning over the years and takes great pride in their social responsibility to contribute to this worthy project.

We are delighted to be able to give our contribution to educating the younger generation and help them shape a bright future for their country. We hope that, given the right tools, Nigerian youth will have the opportunity to excel,” added Mr Vaughan.