5 Reasons to Start a Degree in the New Year

While uni life traditionally starts in September, that needn't be the case these days. Here are 5 reasons to consider starting your degree in the New Year.

5 students sitting casually around a table

Long gone are the days where you only have one opportunity to step into higher education each year; many universities now offer intakes at the beginning of the calendar year, with Arden University offering multiple chances to start your degree throughout the year.

But why consider starting your course in the new year, when tradition states that the uni year begins with the academic calendar, in September?

Here are five reasons why you may want to consider breaking the mould. 

1. Fresh mind, new focus

So, the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing might be a cliché – but the start of a new year really is a great time to make the most of feeling motivated and start taking steps towards your ultimate life goal.

If you’re feeling refreshed after a few days away from work, and ready to focus on taking your career to the next level, studying for a degree flexibly via blended or distance learning could be just the thing for you.

Why not make this the year you say, ‘I’m doing this’?

2. Save time…

If you already have a clear idea of the course you want to study and the route you want your degree to lead you down, why not get a head start by enrolling earlier in the year?

Starting a course in January or February will ensure that you make progress sooner rather than later. 

Many Arden students – like Martin - see the benefits of studying before they’ve even completed their course; the chances are, the earlier you get the ball rolling, the sooner you’ll see the effects an additional qualification can have on your career. 

3. …or get more of it!

On the other hand, if September is coming around far too quickly for your liking, a new year start date can offer you valuable time to work on your application, organise your student finance, or simply to allow you a little more time to make a well-considered decision.

All you need to do is opt for the year after you’d typically have enrolled.

4. Fit university around your plans and priorities

If you’re planning on taking some time out of education before starting your degree, opting for a non-traditional start date will give you the chance to delay your studies by a few months, rather than a whole year.

Alternatively, if you have a family, a new year start-date could allow you time to settle into a school routine before diving head-first into your own educational experience. Visit our testimonials page to find out how Dominika juggles her career and studies with two young twins.

5. And don’t forget – it’s never too late

Start-of-year intakes are ideal for those who, for whatever reason, have missed the boat for September intake, but also those who may be unhappy with their current course or university of choice.

Whether you started a university course a few months back and have found yourself regretting your choices, or you’re settled into your career but feel a degree would be beneficial, it’s never too late to do something about it.