Nov 03 2022

Spotlight on Inclusion: How our Deans are opening access to Higher Education

As part of our recent University-wide focus on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, Arden University’s four Deans of Faculty took place in a roundtable discussion on the work they are doing to open access to Higher Education. 

Hosted by Arden’s Inclusion team, Professor Dilshad Sheikh (Dean of Faculty of Business), Professor Georgina Harris (Dean of Faculty of STEM), Professor Finola Farrant (Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences), and Alison Robinson-Canham (Dean of Faculty of Teaching and Learning) came together for a lively discussion about the work they’re doing to embrace EDI within their faculties. 

Watch the video below to see the panel discuss a range of topics, including: how they embrace EDI through teaching and learning, through assessment practice (including things like anonymous marking), and the faculties’ visions on how to make contemporary courses, and how to build inclusion into them in a collaborative manner. There is also a Q&A section at the end.