Nov 03 2022

Spotlight on Inclusion: Neurodiversity in the Workplace

As part of our recent university-wide spotlight focus on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, Arden University’s Faculty of Social Sciences hosted a roundtable discussion on Neurodiversity in the Workplace. 

The panel, featuring insights from Lucy Anacleto (Senior Lecturer in school of Psychology and EDI lead for the school of Psychology), and Dr Penny Hyams (Lecturer at the school of Psychology) explored a range of aspects relating to the topic, with the intention of starting a dialogue and discussion.

The session, which is available to watch in full at the link below, examined the importance of better understanding neurodiversity, ADHD, neurodiversity in HE, making adjustments in the workplace, and some of the ways to help neurodivergent colleagues thrive. There is also a Q&A at the end.