The A-Z of studying business


Business is not only flourishing on a national level, but an international level too! So no matter what type of business degree you study, you’ll have your pick of locations when it comes to starting your business career. 


Wherever you come from, achieving a degree in business is possible – so don’t ever let your location put you off. With more people studying second degrees and returning to education when they’re older, many universities now offer online degrees. With online study, you can work at a time, pace and place that suits you, fitting your degree around any other commitments you have. If you’re looking to study a degree online, we’d recommend choosing a university that specialises in this type of learning model, so you know you’re in good hands from start to finish. 

Thinking about studying business at university? With a huge scope of specialist areas, subject topics and career paths to choose from, finding the perfect course – at the perfect university – can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled an A-Z list of everything you’ll need to know in preparation for your future in the world of business.

The benefits of studying business

Whether you’re looking to take on a top-level business degree that’s a bit of an all-rounder, or you’re wondering if a more focused course subject will be the better placement for you, the benefits of studying business are endless. 

Not only will studying business sharpen your mind and develop your business acumen, but it will also equip you with the skills you need to flourish in a range of exciting business careers. From HR and finance to computing and management, business covers a variety of areas. So when you graduate, you’ll leave university as a well-rounded, highly-employable and self-motivated individual - ready to enter the world of work, whichever pathway you choose.

Ready to take the next step in your business career? Find out how a business degree can enhance your future with our expert guide below. 

The A-Z of studying business at university



Interested in running the accounts for a business? Many universities offer focused accounting degrees, giving you the competitive edge in a busy job market. For this, we’d always recommend choosing a degree that offers ACCA accreditation, so that your qualification is recognised in both academic and professional fields.


At the core of it all, is business. If you want to obtain a degree that gives you all the fundamental knowledge and essential skills that a business career requires, studying a top-level degree that covers every element of the business industry is the ideal path for you. 


Interested in computing and IT? Maybe you can see yourself running the tech support department in a busy office? Or perhaps you like the sound of joining a software or web development team? If so, a business and computing degree that places a strong focus on IT, computer science or data analysis is perfect for you. 


In an ever-changing world led by technology, digital is king. So it’s no wonder that the majorty of businesses out there now rely on digital marketing and resources to step up their game. If you like the idea of a fast-paced, innovative career in digital, a business degree that includes targeted modules in this area is worth looking for. 


If your strengths lie in numbers and mathematics, there’s no reason why you can’t opt for a qualification in business and economics. Giving you the best of both worlds, this type of business degree will get you on track for a successful future in banking, business development, accountancy and much more. 


Strategic and accurate finance management is key to any business. As well as developing a broad understanding of business activity and structure, a finance-focused business degree will teach you how to harness the major tools and theories needed for a successful business career in the industry.


No matter what type of business degree you take on, it’s important to have goals. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Working as part of a risk management team? The Head of Operations at a global company? Running a finance department? No goal is too big to achieve – as long as you pick the right degree to get yourself there. 

Human Resources

Want to learn how to help a business grow and develop their staff? If you're passionate about managing the success, happiness and professionalism of employees, then a business career in human resources is the way to go. 


Whatever type of business degree you choose, you’re making an investment in your future. There are so many benefits of studying business, and one of them is security. In such a versatile industry, you’ll have your pick of companies and organisations to work at. And with a good quality degree under your belt, nothing can stop you. 

Job market

Another benefit of studying business is the flexible and growing job market. There are more graduate jobs in business now than ever before, due to skills shortages and the development of the industry, particularly in IT, digital and data. 


Studying for a business degree allows you to develop a broad understanding of business organisations and provides you with subject-specific knowledge in areas such as markets, customers, finance, operations, communication, information technology and business policy and strategy.


In the competitive world of business, having a solid understanding of legal systems is guaranteed to give you the edge. As well as helping you to develop the fundamentals of business activity, studying business and law will also give you an understanding of the values, principles and rules of English law - and the importance and influence this has on a business. With knowledge and skills like this under your belt, you’ll have the ability to excel in any demanding business environment. 


Every successful business needs great marketing. If you’re looking to develop your understanding of business and marketing, a degree that covers both will help you to gain advanced skills and knowledge in this area, so you can support real change in any organisation you choose. For this, we’d recommend choosing a university that offers CMI accreditation, giving you an additional qualification in leadership and management.


People management and working with others is a huge part of business success. If you’re not sure what your future looks like yet, choosing a business degree on the basis that you love interaction, collaboration and teamwork is enough to get you started. 


The type of business degree you graduate with is up to you. But we’d always recommend going through the course content of your degree with a fine tooth comb. The best quality programmes will cover an array of modules, and will be regularly updated and upgraded to align with the growth of the real-time industry. 


When choosing which degree to study, it’s all in the research. So make sure to attend open days, check out university websites and study resources in great detail – as well as reaching out to admissions advisors or other students for further guidance. 


While studying business at university, you should expect the right level of support and guidance. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a university that offers these services. Ideally, your university will have dedicated tutors, a career advice team and general day-to-day advisors who are there to support you in your journey as a student. 


Do you have an interest in business and a passion for travel and tourism? Then why not combine these passions to study for a highly rewarding business and tourism degree that offers the best of both? With this type of business degree, you'll gain all the skills that are necessary to become an effective manager in the tourism sector.


Achieving a degree in business – or your preferred specialist area of business – is a gamechanger for your future. Business careers suit people who enjoy interacting and collaborating with others, making decisions and getting things done. And while a good business degree teaches you a great deal about the core elements of your chosen subject, it’s also useful in helping you develop your interpersonal skills.  


The value of a business degree should never be underestimated. Studying business generally opens doors to more careers than alternative undergraduate courses. Why? Because the speed of global business growth is sky rocketing, meaning that business job prospects increase, further advancement opportunities are more widely available and salaries are at an all time high. 


One of the biggest benefits of studying business is how far afield it can take you. Wheather you want to work in a big city or on the other side of the world, business is everywhere. So in a nutshell, studying business ultimately gives you the opportunity to take your skills worldwide. 


A bit of a cheat…But choosing to study any type of business degree will provide you with a range of excellent transferable skills that employers will be highly interested in. Skills like this show strong potential for future development in multiple areas, leaving your career options wide open.


You know yourself better than anyone else, so only you can make the ultimate decision about which degree you’ll study. But what’s important to remember is: it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you come from or what your personal circumstances are, because everyone deserves the opportunity to study for their dream career – it’s all down to you. 


Finally, with the incredible versatility that a business degree offers, there really are zero excuses to say no.

Types of business degrees

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