Student Success Stories: Celebrating Arden students pushing boundaries

At Arden University, the journey doesn’t end with graduation day. We have a diverse alumni community that offers a global hub of opportunities for you to maximise your potential and reach new professional heights.

Studying at Arden University offers a springboard to launch a successful career, with the skills and knowledge to push boundaries in industries across the professional landscape. We offer a range of career development initiatives designed to help you transform your student journey into a successful career, giving you the confidence to take control of your future.

Inspirational alumni

Every student that graduates from Arden has already achieved a great deal. However, the student journey does not end there. Many Arden students have built successful careers since studying with us. Whether you’re upskilling to maximise your chances of career progression or seeking a career change, our programmes are proven to give you the knowledge and expertise to fulfil your career goals.

Bradly Sinden

Bradly Sindon, Business (Accounting and Finance) graduate.

Take Team GB Taekwondo’s Bradly Sinden for example. Bradly joined us at the peak of his early career, and as a full-time athlete training five times a week, he has shown incredible commitment to balance education and life outside of his studies. Studying  , the double Taekwondo world champion and Olympic silver medallist is a shining example to ambitious individuals who are seeking a part-time or distance learning course.

Other alumni, like Elisa Manicardi, who completed a master's degree in Human Resource Management, also explains the benefits of combining studies with work. She completed her degree while working as a health and safety manager for a pharmaceutical company.

While explaining that studying online was beneficial for balancing work and home life, she said: “I’m hoping this degree takes me in a different direction at work, which I can see is already happening with some changes and things that I’m able to get involved in because of this degree.”

Supporting student progression

To enable student progression, we understand that banishing self-doubt is crucial. That’s why we launched our Silence Your Critic campaign in July 2023, to highlight our commitment to empowering students to ignore self-doubt and succeed in the face of adversity.

By championing lifelong learning, we understand that every student journey is different, and we mould our programmes around your commitments to provide you with the best opportunity to succeed. Our Silence Your Critic campaign spoke for the many student success stories at Arden.

When Dorottya Kitchingman moved from Hungary to North Yorkshire, she put her passion for graphic design aside to pursue a more conventional career path. It was only until she stopped listening to her inner critic that she allowed her creative spark to flourish and began her student journey at Arden University. Arden has helped Dorottya silence her self-doubt and given her the confidence to pursue a career that will provide immense enjoyment and personal value.


Ayaan Abdi, Criminology and Psychology student.

Another success story is that of Ayaan Abdi. As a mother of five, she had to battle her own self-doubt as well as outside voices who questioned her decision to step back into education. Defying stereotypes that put an age on education, Ayaan thrived while studying Criminology and Psychology at Arden. Despite the obstacles you will inevitably face, Ayaan explained that once you take the first step, there is no looking back.

Celebrating equality and diversity at Arden University

Every year, we award scholarships to a number of inspirational students via the Arden University Equality Scholarship which celebrates diversity, equality and inclusion across the university. Recipients of this scholarship have overcome barriers in life just because of who they are.

One of these students is Harrison Ragnarsson, who is legally blind. Harrison explained how he has overcome many obstacles in relation to his disability, but with the support of Arden, he has been able to fulfil his dreams and access opportunities he never thought were possible.

He said: “I am beyond grateful, and I hope my story can show others that they can rise high in the world, no matter who they are or where they come from.

“Believe in yourself, focus on what you can control, and good things will happen.”

Staying connected

As well as an emphasis on student progression, we also provide programmes and support services to students after they graduate. Our alumni benefit from joining the Arden alumni network, a community of professionals from all over the world.

As well as networking opportunities, the Arden Alumni Community offers graduates career development support and advice from the Arden Alumni Careers Team. So, whatever the stage of your career, you have access to support from a qualified career development professional.

The help doesn’t stop there. Through our online careers platform, Arden Futures, you can actively job search for job vacancies, book a careers meeting and register for a wide range of career sessions.

Will you be our next success story?

Our students continue to push boundaries around the world, and these success stories are testament to our commitment to academic progression. We give students the best opportunity to succeed and better their lives through a high-quality education and career development initiatives, allowing every individual at Arden to feel valued.

Could you add to our growing list of success stories? Explore our courses and learn more about what it means to study at Arden University today.