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Discover Criminology Degrees at Arden

How does crime impact on society? What does it mean to be ‘abnormal’? And how does society seek to control crime’s causes and consequences? We explore the answers to all these questions and more within our Criminology Degrees at Arden University.

So whether you want to look at the relationship between crime, society and the law, or you want to focus on the political, psychological and social aspects of criminology, then studying one of our Criminology courses online is the right path for you.

Studying online with Arden through our Distance Learning programme is convenient and flexible. Whatever you have going on in your life, you can fit your studies around it by accessing all your course materials through iLearn, our online learning portal. You'll also get ongoing support from your Arden tutors online and will be part of our online student community.

With a degree in Criminology you can turn your hand to a multitude of careers in areas such as Counselling, Social Work, Research, Marketing, PR, Management and many other fields. To learn more about studying Criminology courses online with Arden, you can browse our available courses below and also find the  full course details for each degree on this fascinating subject.

Arden University Criminology Degree courses